Republic for the united States – It’s Our Turn – Tim Turner Interview

Republic for the united States – It's Our Turn – Tim Turner Interview

In America 10% of the people are doing most of the work.  About 10% of the people are enemies, within any organization.  Usually 80% of people just go along.  We need every able man and woman to Join the Republic and to work for our freedoms.

Robert Hender " R J "  

Nov 17, 2010 10:03 am
Subject: 1 Chance to Save America 

   Kelby Smith has been speaking for the Republic, for months.  Tim Turner has been very busy and he's been under attack.  Today Tim Turner joined " R J, " to discuss the most recent miracles for " the Republic for the united States. 

   At  you can see 1 of the speeches that Tim Turner gave at the Wind Walker Ranch, as Congress came together this last weekend in Utah.   



   Tim Turner told " R J, " that the Tea Parties did a lot of good work, waking up America, but D C can't be fixed.  Over 75% of our economy is impacted by what does go on in Washington D C.  Mom and Pop companies have suffered while Big Corporations have bribed and legislated their way to a complete take over of America.  It's time that we turn these trends around.  Small Business must be the source of our success. 


   America's Most Important Bill was just passed by the House and the Senate for the Republic for the united States, this last weekend in Utah.  This Republic Congress held a Praise and Worship Service, where miracles and healings were performed.  You can't stop God.
   By a unanymous vote the Congress performed the work for " the People. "  In the coming weeks peole all over the world will get to see the laws that were passed by this Congress. 
   Between 1868 and 1871 the UNITED STATES was incorporated.  Our Rights and " We the People, " were left behind in the dust. 
   We have made no new government.  All we have done is re-inhabited the Republic, that has been lying there, asleep.  The corporate USA has abused their feduciary responsibility.  The Federal Reserve had a 100 year Treaty that supported their banking system.  That treaty is up and the financial backers of that Federal Reserve Treaty have seen the theft, fraud and abuse by the Federal Reserve. 
   The people who supported the Federa Reserve in this hundred year treaty are not renewing the treaty of those Centralized Banks.  These financial people have promised their support to " the Republic. " 
   By Implied Consent the Federal Reserve and all of their minions have stolen the wealth from " the People, " without our knowledge.  By War, Death, Destruction and Genocide the Federal Reserve Cabal has worn out their financial welcome.  The corporations can keep their 10 square miles, D C.  On this corporate ship the rats are jumping ship. 
   The Congress of the Republic just removed our consent.  We aren't going to take it any more. 
   Currently 94 nations support " the Republic for the united States, " as the true Government of America. We are the only lawfully formed government in America. 
   You too can join by going to












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