Top 19 Links to Illuminati Understanding – Satanic Hollywood Secrets

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Top 19 Links to Illuminati Understanding – Satanic Hollywood Secrets

Many of Hollywood's finest actors and performers have sold their souls to the devil.  There is a secret, satanic cult in the Hollywood, Movie Culture.  You may want to check out these Video Clips.

 Tom Gambill

Wed  Nov 17, 2010

Subject: Hollywood Celebs Sell their Souls to Satan




In the book “Red Fog over America”, William G. Carr defines Nihilists as the following:


"The executioners used by all conspirators who aspire to control of a world dictatorship.  History reveals these assassins are to be found in all classes of society.  They try if possible to make the murders they commit look like accidents, suicides, or natural deaths".    page VIII


One other definition….from Carr.


Black Book:  A book in which the directors of the international conspirators kept a record of the private lives of influencial people together with a detailed report of their characteristics, faults and faillings.   The information is used to "Persuade people into doing the bidding of the Conspirators either because of fear of exposure or for the sake of obtaining more luxury and material rewards." page IV


COMMENT:  Now let’s take a trip.  

Ronni Sue Chasen, a prominent Hollywood publicist, was shot to death early Tuesday November 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills. Investigators have seized computers from Chasen's business, but have not determined any suspects or motive for the crime. (Nov. 16).
RECENT:   CNN: Randy Quaid 'Hollywood out to get me'
CNN: Quaids: Hit squad killing celebs

Hundreds attend Schaefer funeral
HOLLYWOOD SECRETS–John Todd's Exposure on The Music Industry
(Christian Rock is the same thing designed by the Illuminati plus using drums and rock in the Churches)
John Todd a former Illuminatist: (The Purpose of the Charismatic Movement & Rock Music)
 MTV – Satanic Prayer by Jack Black (2009 VMAs)
HOLLYWOOD SECRETS–illuminati & music industry.flv
I SOLD my Soul to the DEVIL! – Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan
Illuminati revelations-Satanic Hollywood,Disney magick.

A secret Satanic cult and the Hollywood movie industry
Speeches played backwards
Notice carefully at .43 seconds to .57 seconds.   Notice the eye blink and tongue manipulation is not normal.  
Heroes of Truth – silenced by the illuminati.

Tribute to Silenced Christian NWO Researchers…


Tribute to those who have been persecuted for exposing the evil new world order while proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



With respect to new world order research ask yourself this question: Why is it that the researchers who expose the occult, new age, and esoteric nature of the new world order while offering a Christian based solution get murdered and silenced? Secondly why do the researchers like Maxwell, Tsarion, Icke, Wilcock, Joseph etc.. who promote esotericism, new age, occult and who speak against Christianity get to live free and prosper with their research?

We are being conditioned to believe in the occult and abandon historic Orthodox Christian belief. The new world order wants you to believe Christianity was based off of the ancient mystery religions and they will silence Christians who say otherwise.
Video composed by my good friend Keith "TRUTH" Thompson


Pat Tillman – Murdered by Nihilist (very anti-war in Iraq while in Iraq)

Bill Cooper – Dead

Fritz Springmeir – Prison (set up)

John Todd – Prison and Dead

Chappelle – Career ruined and turned down multi-million dollar contract.

TuPac (rapper) – Dead

Marley – (Raggae) – Dead

Michael Jackson – Dead

JFK – Dead

RFK – Dead

Martin Luther King – Dead

Malcolm X – Dead

Bruce Lee (Linked to Li Family Illuminati) – Dead

Russo – Dead

Svali – Disappeared

All these and more have tried to expose the Illuminati or went against the reason they were programmed to do for example to use their talents to manipulate the public with a very powerful weapon of the Illuminati, fame and Music or political influence. 


Now the other side what is called controlled opposition or so called truth tellers that work for the elites and fooling the public.    Notice the difference in their This list is not remotely complete.  


Alex Jones – Famous, funded and alive

Glen Beck – Famous, funded and alive

Savage – famous and alive

Naomi Wolf (Zionist) – Famous, funded and alive

Monteith – Member of CNP and alive

Icke – Former sports star, funded, famous and alive. (New Ager)

Jordan Maxwell –  Famous, Funded, alive (New Ager)

Tsaron (funded, alive and New ager)

Quale (funded and alive, loyalty is questionable)

Rev Manning – Famous, alive and Freemason. 

Collen Thomas (we won’t go there).  : )


Billy Graham (Illuminati Puppet as are ALL WORD FAITH and Charismatic Preachers)


Eustace Mullins – Reverend Billy Graham, Mason

Copeland (Mason)

Shueller (Mason)

Pat Robertson (Mason and CNP Member)

Ron Paul (Mason and Political member)

Benny Hinn (word faith)

Rick Joyner (Knight of Malta)

Rick Warren (CFR member and Word Faith)




TD Jakes

General Boykin (Knights of Malta)

The list goes and goes……….

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  1. Jordanna November 19, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    This woman here focuses on the Illuminati MK ULTRA mind control programming in Hollywood and should be looked at very closely!

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    Focus into wisdom leading the new age era ahead of time while time is
    always ahead of us with the basic phenomenum that captures the life span
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    Standard set to satisfy GOD. We are humans and our minds are not in a
    program state that merge/match to the time of the now.
    1. Human should program the mind to merge with the presence of time
    2. Believe in the dreams captured and reflected by the mind to be the dimension
    of a live creater that matches to the standard presence of time.
    3. Time does’nt depend on life or death, but depends on the space creation around
    the universe.
    4…………………………the race of time is between life and death and human should
    always seek for focus of intelligence to neurish the growth of the seed and wisdom

    SUOICING I, Ignicious #NUMBER 8 (eight) rock hard says, ”the new system)…
    *Time is shifts in space and is the natural intelligence of WISDOM…………………………………………………………………………………

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