Economic Collapse – It’s Coming Down – Silver is Best – Bob Chapman interview

Economic Collapse – It's Coming Down – Silver is Best – Bob Chapman interview

Pro buyers of gold and silver are jumping into the market.  Margin purchases on gold and silver contracts are helping to drive the market higher.  Silver is on it's way up to $50 an ounce and $200 and $400 and beyond…

   Have you bought your silver yet?  Call 435 – 283 – 3733   or  to buy…

   Bob Chapman says the whole financial system must come down before we can rebuild it correctly.  That means a transition period, we may all have to wade through.    TPTB have been supressing gold prices and silver prices through their Big Central Banks.

   A lower value on a national currency means an advantage in world trade.  Many countries do not appreciate the fall in the value of the dollar. 

   Bob says you had better get your silver, while you can. 


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