WW3 – Is China Waging War on America?

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WW3 – Is China Waging War on America?

 Have you noticed the missles that have been flying around recently?  Military and NASA officials claim that they have no idea what they are.  I think that Government Officials do know, but they are trying to keep the lid on a war that is raging against America. 

Canadian CF-18 shot down by Chinese Energy weapon
Friday November 19th 2010
“Scarletwhore.com can now confirm that a 2nd fighter jet had been shot down by a Chinese energy weapon… most likely a laser. This time it was an F18 from CFB Cold Lake Alberta.
The day before an American F22 loaded with a B83 Nuclear Weapon was brought down over Alaska. US and Canadian Surface vessels have been using live munitions hunting several Chinese submarines off the west coast of North America. The new cold war has begun. Last week China snuck right up the crack of the US and launched an ICBM from within US waters off the California coast. The US has been using their own bag of super secret technological tricks over China recently in the game of covert warfare. It was no accident the the story of Chinese cyber sabotage surfaced yesterday… this new Cold War is now in full swing.
Do not underestimate how dangerous of a time this is. Get your money out of the banks into gold or silver. Get stocked up on everything. Get out of the West Coast Cities. I previously published about the 300,000 Chinese PLA immigrant/tourist that are in Canada awaiting orders to strike at essential infrastructure in the US and Canada. China disabled 50 US ICBMs 2 weeks ago using some amazing quantum technology. China has the upper hand…. and Russia has been too quiet of late.”




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