Economic Collapse – Silver Coin Sales Soar

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On November 9th, Silver Futures in New York touched a 30 year high at $29.34 an ounce.  Americans are once again choosing to pick up the real thing, Silver Eagles.   

Sat  Nov 20, 2010

Subject: Silver is the Answer   

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US Mint Reports Soaring November Month-To-Date Silver Coin Sales Surpass 2010 High Following Massive Rush Into Precious Metal

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"Is Max Keiser's attempt to put JP Morgan out of business working following the mother of all silver physical squeezes? The price of silver has been stable in the past few days, but if the US official precious metal seller is to be trusted, this will not last long. According to the US Mint, sales of 1-ounce American Eagle silver coins are headed for the strongest month since at least May, Bloomberg reports. And according to our update, the May total has not only been passed, but the November MTD total is already the highest in 2010. More details: a record 3,775,000 silver coins have been sold this month, compared with 3,636,500 in May, according to data on the Mint website. Silver futures in New York touched a 30-year high of $29.34 an ounce on Nov. 9. American Eagle coins also are available in gold and platinum. The Mint said 62,500 ounces of gold Eagles have been sold in November. What is interesting is that sales of the coins continue at an astronomic pace despite the nearly 10% premium one has to pay over spot. What is more interesting, is that the Mint has not run out yet. Yet the refreshing thing, is that instead of buying paper certficates promising that one's presumed purchases of gold is held by the DTCC, Americans are once again going straight into physical. Here is hoping Keiser's plan ultimately unravels whatever the RICO suit against JPM and HSBC leaves untouched.


From the Mint:


2010 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 3,592,500
February 2,050,000
March 3,381,000
April 2,507,500
May 3,636,500
June 3,001,000
July 2,981,000
August 2,451,000
September 1,880,000
October 3,150,000
November 3,775,000
Total 32,405,500

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