Barry Soetoro – Secular Muslim with Terrorist Ties

Barry Soetoro – Secular Muslim with Terrorist Ties


Secular Muslim Obama

Monday, 11/15/10 2351 hrs.

"Hitler's lied so immensely that the German public just could not believe anyone could tell those huge of lies, as the human mind is designed to only accept the scale of lies they are capable of creating.

I have attempted to inform Americans, that there has been a symbiotic relationship with terrorists around the world, going on for 3 years from Obama assisting his Kenyan cousin in the rampage there to overthrow that government, to the narco communists of South America exporting cocaine into west Africa and directly into southern Europe, to the systematic "dividing" of the state of Israel for Islamocommunists, to the tipping off of Persian communists to be rid of Iranian Patriots and the warning of these communists by B. Hussein Obama of the French about to expose their nuclear bomb factory, to the systematic slaughter of United States Soldiers in not allowing them to fire at terrorists first.

This subject is apparently too large for Americans to wrap their minds around as they can not conceive a terrorist enabler is in the White House by secular Isalmist Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes Mr. Obama is a secular Muslim. There is no doubt about this in any form. He is equal to his Islamocommunist father in Barack sr.

What follows is an exclusive assessment based in the above facts.

In attempting to alert the American people of the "condom bombers" and the Faisal Fizzlers, which were never intended to detonate, but be herding operations by both the Pakistani and Indian intelligence services, a more definitive element comes to light.

Namely, there have been multiple terror events inside America since the Obama regime took control of America. Those terror strikes have now plumed to the launching of an intercontinental ballistic missile in California waters.

Most have been ignored by the Obama regime. Most have been denied by the Obama regime. Most have been enabled by the Obama regime.

The Faisal Shazad incident revealed that Eric Holder literally allowed a known bomber who was armed with an assault weapon to prowl the east coast for days, and then allowed him into an airport, for what appeared to be a fail safe incident as 9 11. Meaning, Shazad was to die at the airport after murdering dozens of Americans to scare them, and in the aftermath Naps Napolitano would be able to crack down on Americans further and Obama would look tough in getting one terrorist.

This event must be focused upon now as much as Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood murderer, which Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder refused to even lable a Muslim terrorist.

What logic now dictates is precise in terrorists have not bothered to strike America with "real" operations, because Mr. Obama has been rewarding them, is in sympathy with his "good" terrorists and in terrorists making Mr. Obama look successful one of the Muslim brotherhood implements further dictatorial controls on an American public incapable of dealing with the treasonous lie unfolding before them.

Wahabbist funding is what secured Mr. Obama's place in prestigious east coast universities. When it came for Mr. Obama's political run, it was Saddam Hussein's banker who brought in the money via a Pananian front company.
I have no intention of rehearsing subjects covered in detail here, but to only remind readers there are associations, links and patterns in this which formulate a coming scenario.

Mr. Obama stole the 2008 elections from John McCain. In the summer of 2008, his campaign was already promising South American communist terrorists that Mr. Obama would be in the White House.

10 million GOP votes disappeared as certainly as votes disappeared for Norm Coleman in Minnesota for Al Franken. Mr. Obama when trounced by John McCain and lagging in the poles had every confidence of staying on message as liberal puppy press benefactors will note, the reason is Obama knew the election was rigged and poll numbers did not matter.

Mr. Obama is now damaged goods, as his Asian trip has manifested. His purpose and his ability to keep the promises of destroying the Jewish state and destroying America are now in jeopardy. Logic dictates that the central European cartel, the Russian FSB and Chicom PLA who are the logistics, intelligence and finance control of the Muslim terror groups will now have no purpose in stopping direct attacks upon these United States.

The sham ink cartridge events are but an example of Obama wagging the dog, in Saudi intelligence is the group who thwarted these Yemeni attacks, but Obama saw fit for 24 hours to fly jets into America with military escort to create an illusion which the press readily yapped at promoting Obama as protector of the reich.

It is now in Obama's interests and terrorists interests to create direct attacks of mass casualties upon Americans, so Mr. Obama can in the confusion look "executive" and deflect from the coming GOP investigations which Rahm Emanuel has been leaking about to the blogger Ulsterman.

The terrorist's advantage is to appear more powerful than they are, which is a win win for these secular Islamists which Mr. Obama is the most prominent of.

At this point, it bears review in Mr. Obama's actions in exposing American Soldiers to their own murder, to the Iranian Twitter Revolution which brought about the destruction of Iranian Patriots run by Gordon Brown's MI5 for Mr. Obama, including thee most heinous of acts in Mr. Obama having the Lockerbie terrorist released on false medical claims to Libya, where he is living well.

The net result was BP drilling contracts with Libya and Mr. Obama's sabotage by BP of the Deepwater Horizon rig as this blog caught the lies from day one, which tar balled the GOP Gulf States, shut down US independence of OPEC oil, and now has America importing even more Muslim oil which is funding terrorist attacks on Americans.

The odds of a series of diversion attacks upon America is now 100% certain. The Yemeni events revealed the exact targets are Jews in America at their concentration centers.

There is too much Obama terrorist cohesion for this not to be a staged Hutatree type event in reverse, with America absorbing an Obama series of terror events to progress this Islamocommunist agenda Mr. Obama is joined at the hip with.

As Obama becomes weaker, he will need to be shown stronger by his terrorist allies. The same allies who funded his 2008 campaign with 300 million dollars in counterfeit funds which Americans ended up paying off in TARP funds.

The terrorists being shown stronger will make Mr. Obama appear stronger in response, and distract Americans by what these secular Islamic brothers are engaged in.

John McCain had it correct in B. Hussein Obama had no idea of the difference between tactics and strategy. Mr. Obama does not need a teleprompter on this, as the tactics and strategy are laid out in Moscow, Peking, the chalets of Europe and implemented in Tehran for dispersion.

Mr. Obama does not have to think, because the terrorists are doing it for him, and now it is in both of their interests to initiate terror events in mass, inside America upon Americans.

There will not be any warnings in this for plausible deniabiIity by the regime. Logic dictates this.

If you children do not wrap your minds around these facts laid out, these secular Muslims are going to wrap their shrouds around you very soon.

Once again an exclusive only found here."

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There is freedom within, there is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost But you'll never see the end of the road While you're traveling with me Hey now, hey now Don't dream it's over Hey now, hey now When the world comes in They come, they come To build a wall between us We know they won't win Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof In the paper today, tales of war and of waste But you turn right over to the TV page."

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2 Responses to “Barry Soetoro – Secular Muslim with Terrorist Ties”

  1. Beth Smart says:

    There is so much going on which is negative these day, it’s hard to get life straight in ones own house. The confusion is deliberate I know, to keep people off balence which detains them. Just as in Domestic violence, this US is being subjected in the same manor. . There is those letters again.. B P.. I live down in New Orleans area.. The devestation this disaster presented to everyone, has stopped life in it’s tracks.. the issue of BP”s neglect has not stopped. it comtinues, just as Katrina issue continues. and BP ‘s actions have and are devestation the entire nation. America needs to get back into the light again , She has a hard journey ahead of her , climbing mountains to become strong again.. America needs to think soley on herself. As a victim of domestic violence would have to do,.

  2. Murray Abraham says:

    “Secular Muslim Obama ”

    That doesn’t make any sense. Either you have a problem with the Muslim faith, or you have a problem with secularism, but you can’t have it both ways.

    BTW. Obama isn’t a Muslim and by definition the Presidency is a secular position.

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