Economic Collapse – Euro and the Dollar are Collapsing

Economic Collapse – Euro and the Dollar are Collapsing

What would you do if both the Euro and the Dollar collapses?  Are you preparing now?  China is telling America to turn around, as American War Ships head to South Korea for Naval Exercises.

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new movie coming out This looks like a good movie


Can God Turn this Game Around?
The game is Good vs. Evil, the only game in town. God represents an inexorable force for Good. Satan represents evil. The prize is the human race. God's team is totally outnumbered. Everyone prefers Satan's team. It's synonymous with "success." God's recruiting pitch has been, "Seek me and only me. I am Enlightenment: Love, Truth and Bliss. I am what you really want." Satan has replied, "Enlightenment and bliss are kind of vague. I'll offer money, sex, power and fame. That's real."Imagine a little angel and devil on each shoulder. God speaks to us all through our conscience.
Often the angel's voice goes silent. All we can hear is the little devils. We call them "bad habits," and they become our "friends". Life is more interesting if we identify these demons and fight them. Life is dull if we forget it is a battle to perfect our thoughts and deeds
One of Satan's BEST techniques is to portray his team as God's team. Then we fight another group that also thinks it is fighting for God. In most wars, Satan's disciples are pulling the strings on both sides. This is how Satan enslaves and destroys us. It's important to recognize that Satan is the only enemy. Humanity could unite if we recognized this common threat. If enough of us join God's team, we can make a difference. Increasingly people will be looking for the truth. Maybe we can win one for the Gipper! At least we can save our own souls and bear witness. We were not all Gadarene swine.

Trailer – Vanishing Of Our Bees – Vid


Many Say Government Now Operating Outside the Constitution

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 39% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the federal government currently operates within the limits established by the Constitution of the United States.
Nigel Farage to the EU: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?! in just under 4 brief minutes tells more truth about the entire European experiment than all European bankers, commissioners, and politicians have done in the past decade.
China has warned against military activity near its coastline ahead of U.S.-Korea naval exercises, according to Reuters.China’s Foreign Ministry said in an online posting that naval exercises risks starting a war: “We oppose any military act by any party conducted in China’s exclusive economic zone without approval.”

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