Economic Collapse – It’s a Love Story Stopping Foreclosures – Mary interview

Robert Hender " R J "

Mon   Nov 29, 2010 

Subject:  We Must Claim Our Rights     2 Hour Radio Interview is below…  

Mary's Husband was Dr Richard F Broderick, a scientist for 25 years with Lockheed Martin and with NASA for 11 years and he taught Mary the meaning behind the US constitution. 

   Mary may be willing to help you Stop a Foreclosure.  Send an email to  Tell Mary that " R J, " sent you.

   R J, My P.O. was not in on Sat for me to get their approval.  I would be willing to tell my story tomorrow anyway because it is a true story. What I predicted in 1995-96 came true, the banks collapsed and the residential mortgage fraud and bank fraud began to stink.   

   The prison is just another Bank, a human bank, whereby, after one is indicted, a bond is originated using our title, name, which is our exemption. Your signature on the 1040 form is your exemption.  If you do not put the caveat "Without Prejudice All Rights Reserved" above your signature, your exemption transfers to the gov, and you have lost all your commercial, contract rights. Negotiable means transferable.  that is why on all court documents I start each page with "Private and Non-Negotaible"  I have not transferred any rights. 

   I want to tell the whole story. It is a love story.  My husband Dr. Richard F. Broderick was a scientist with Lockheed Martin for 25 years and 11 years with NASA prior to that.  He was from Boston and taught me the US Constitution and what it meant.  He multiple times won against the IRS. He had an oblique sense of logic and trapped them every time.  He was my mentor.  He died in 1999 while I was in prison in Dublin, Cal. of a broken heart at age 67.  It was very sad.  He was a pianist and very talented mathematician.  He won Martin Marietta prinicpal investigator of the year award in 1985. He was their Whiz Kid. When I was handed this long prison term of 17 years for teaching people how to stop their foreclosures, I asked him if he wanted a divorce…he said no way, Right or wrong, you are my wife.  He was so very loyal to the cause of freedom  He died a broken spirit. He had 6 patents donated to the Smithsonain and devoted his life to making America great and this is what he got from them ,course he always told me, you can't trust the gov.

   But then Marshall Home knew of me from the seminars in 95-96 and we were married in Feb 2009 while I was still in prison.  He then called up the administrator at the CCM office and 4 days later I was freed from prison.  It has been a long and arduous journey, but I would do it all again. From prison I did all the paperwork on the house they were foreclosing on against Marshall.  6 days out of prison I accompanied Marshall to a forcible detainer in Superior Court and Marshall won the round . the Judge recused himself and the attorney fled from the courtroom. 

   I was put in prison to silence me, but I have been saving many forfeitures and foreclosures while in prison. "Hosea 4:6" Thy people shall persih for lack of knowledge….have a great and blessed day.  M & M
    The UCC defines a banker as anyone who is engaged in the business of banking.  How simple is that?  Arizona adopted the UCC and codified it a Title 47 of the AzRev.Statutes so we are enforcing the UCC.  People are ralliying around that idea..

   You have to listen to this woman's story…it is unbelievable how God worked through her to help others!  The 2 hour Radio Interview with " R J " on Monday Nov 29th is below…  






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