NWO – Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood – Kathy Rubio interview

NWO – Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood – Kathy Rubio interview

Jews are here.  Jews are there.  Who are the real Jews any way?  Illuminati Thugs parade themselves as Jews and are involved in the banking cabal that is working to bring America down.

   Karl Marx took credit for Communism.  Kathy Rubio doesn't like taking credit for anything except for speaking the truth.  From www.republicbroadcasting.org Rubio joins " R J, " on the Radio every Friday to shed the Light on the Darkness and to Stand for the Truth. 

   Joel Olstein, Anthony Hopkins, R A Vernon and other fake ministers have their own agenda to fulfill, as they appear to be mis-using the name of Jesus. 

   America needs our prayers and our fasting.   

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One Response to “NWO – Get Off the Cross We Need the Wood – Kathy Rubio interview”

  1. Beth Smart says:

    Thank you for giving us a place to get some good info. Well, I believe that China is just waiting to pounce on this US soil.. they are wanting and want payment in full. Yes, we sell our grain to them, but it make sense that if they takeover the US, they will have all the grain for themselves to do as they see fit. Wonderful info. Thank you Kathy for your info. i understand the seriousness of what is going on. We need the Bible back in our lives, its the roadmap to direct us. So many people are lost in the dark and by golly, it is very hard to find ones way back from the dark and into the light.. Thank you all for shedding the earthly light on the issues..Have a Blessed day. Beth

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