Economic Collapse – Debt Weapons by De Facto – Mary interview

Economic Collapse – Debt Weapons by De Facto – Mary Interview 

Elizabeth Home was sent to prison for 17 years in order to silence her.  As a young girl in Canada she was taught about Freedom in America.  America has Changed in the last 5 decades, with the lawyers and the banks attacking our liberty.

 2 Hour Interview below…  

   Mary, " Elizabeth Home, " was born in Canada.  Her father was from Scotland, a stubborn and self reliant man.  If we won't Claim our Rights, then we don't have the right.  On the Radio today with " R J, "  Mary described how she learned how to lay claim to our liberties. 

   Systems of Debt have been invented and are used as weapons against us.  These days, Mary continues to teach people how to become a Secured Party Creditor and how to put a stop to Forfeitures and Foreclosures.  We must become the Trustee of our Trust! 

   You can email Mary directly at and tell her that " R J, " sent you. 

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