Tim Turner Interview – Federal Reserve Can’t Buy Friends

Tim Turner Interview- Federal Reserve Can't Buy Friends 

Nearly 90 nations recognize the Republic for the united States as the Government in America.  Many countries are very upset at what corporate USA and the Federal Reserve have done with their Money and Power.


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   Tim Turner did not make it home for Thanksgiving.  Many members of the Congress for the Republic for the united States did not make it to the " Wind Walker Ranch, " gathering and so Tim Turner is taking the " Declaration of Sovereign Intent, " and showing it to them.

   Kelby Smith has been watching Tim Turner sacrifice his family, his time and his sleep as TT has been working for our Liberty in America. 

   The Federal Reserve has generated $Quadrillions in dollars that aren't backed by anything.  China and Russia and other countries are fed up with the Federal Reserve and the corporations that have been masquerading as our government. 

   This " Republic for the united States for America, " is the Miracle that can Turn Things Around for America.   

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