Top 3 De Facto Crimes – Republic News to the Rescue

Top 3 De Facto Crimes – Republic News to the Rescue  

Americans are worn out by all the violations against humanity.  Corporate America doesn't care very much.  Every day people are being run over by a corporate USA that doesn't care or feel about people or their God Given rights. 

Update on The Republic for the united States, Nov 27, 2010

Executive Summary – Let me start off with a link to the new website which is really a mirror of the old site with the new name. The name was “of “ the united States and is now “for” the united States.
There is a link on this page for the Nov. 24th recorded talk show.
Utah – At the Utah meeting there was a document created by the State Republics (they are really Republics but I inserted the word state so you would know what I mean) called “Declaration of Sovereign Intent”. This was ratified by the state Republics in attendance. Those not in attendance have to by law (real de jure constitutional law) approve this document to make it official and lawful. No problems are anticipated in approval. Next this document will then be filed in a motion in the International Hague Court. Immediately following this filing the document will be made publicly available on the internet etc. Until the filing it is in the best interests of the Republic to keep the contents under wraps. There was no new constitution of any sort created, drafted, modified or otherwise written in Utah. The original organic one is just fine, would be the consensus. State Republics that were unable to send delegates will do their voting at home and the net effect would be similar to their attending in person. State Republic office holders were not pushed out of the Republic for not attending. I have no knowledge of any State Republics leaving the Republic. There are some rumors floating around so clarification is offered. The fact that there is dis-info floating around shows me that the Republic is marching on strong.
State of the Republic – The state of the Republic is excellent. Things are close to bearing good fruit. This past week one of the state grand juries (de jure) heard seven mortgage foreclosure fraud cases. We anxiously await the verdict and will post when we get such info. In a previous instance in Arizona the Sheriff agreed with the grand jury who found there to be mortgage foreclosure fraud present, and said he would not process the foreclosure papers even if the de facto judge ordered him to. Once the people see an alternative structured government they will walk away from the Fed de facto corporation. There are still about 10 State Republics (last count I heard) in process of forming a de jure government. This will rapidly be completed. There are a sufficient amount of State Republics to get things lawfully accomplished. Don't think Ben Franklin, George Washington etc had it so easy., Their road was much harder going.
Case in Point the TSA – Why does the TSA do what they do? Because they can. There is no recourse against them using the de facto government. Ron Paul proposes a new law about this. When has anything Ron Paul ever done come to fruition and hurt the de facto government? The TSA are violating your constitutional right to be safe and secure from unreasonable searches and even seizures. With the real government (the Republic for the united States) all one need do is bring the TSA agency chiefs to the grand jury for a presentment. Presentments are allowed and they do not entail using the Attorney Generals who will never upset the TSA. When the grand jury returns a finding against the TSA then the de jure Attorney General charges them with numerous violations of the Constitution including violating their oath of office and now they are in the de jure criminal system (de jure federal district courts). They are also exposed to money fines and civil damage claims from their victims. This is why the de facto government has discarded using de jure grand juries but this does not remove the use of them from common law in the Republic for the united States. This is a brief example of how a real constitutional common law Republic operates and illustrates why such injustices are not tolerated. When the heads of these organizations violate the constitution and their oath of office and bring dishonor upon themselves and their agency then they suffer the consequences. One need not be a constitutional law expert to understand that fondling a a three year old child about to board an airplane is clearly wrong and violates the rights of the child and is disgusting immoral behavior. I suggest you refer to these airport machines as the Obama Naked Scanners. Associate his name to them so he gets the blame he deserves.
What to Expect – I think things will go as President Turner said. The train has left the station already. In fact it has pulled away from the station and is going down the road. The further away from the station the train gets the faster it will be traveling. Once a train gets going at full speed it is most difficult to stop it. My guess is the train is maybe going at one third speed now. In the next few days and weeks things will, start to happen fast, real fast. We will try to provide information as we get it even going to the point of updates a few times a day. You will hear more and more about de jure grand juries deciding against fraudulent mortgage foreclosures. Once word gets out that the Republic opposes such fraud watch the people jump onboard. I think keeping people in their homes this winter is of paramount importance. This will spread to motor vehicle codes and tickets, people held in prisons for victimless crimes, illegal taxes, de facto court abuses and violations of the constitution, Child and Family Service crimes, unfair and illegal police torture administered in the streets (tasers) and others. You see applying a taser is administering punishment and without any jury or court proceeding. Police do not punish. They enforce laws. At times police may use force as required. Not obeying a verbal command to step out of a vehicle or go sit here, stand there etc is not grounds to use non-lethal torture devices. Actually in many instances the taser does result in death. People during traffic stops get scared, confused, bewildered and it is normal to start asking the officer questions as to why this is happening and why the officer is requesting the driver to do some things. The taser was designed and originally used to save lives. Case in point. Lets say a fellow is drunk and holding a samurai sword threatening to kill innocent persons. Instead of the police shooting him they taser him and disarm him. The point is the perpetrator was threatening to harm flesh and blood victims and the use of the taser was humane and justified. It saved the perpetrators life, lives of the officers involved and the lives of possible victims. A person not promptly obeying a police verbal command like get out of the car, sit here, go stand there is not something where a taser is needed. The taser is like the TSA nude body scanner it is designed to condition the people into blind obedience making them think resistance is futile. These days are about to draw to a close for the sovereign members of the Republic.
We understand the funding is in place to run the Republic. This is important. There will be sovereign ID cards and passports. Numerous nations (93) will shortly step forward in recognition of the Republic as the lawful government. Freedom is just down the track.

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