Mary Home on A4V – Exposing the Fraud – interview with R J

Mary Home on A4V – Exposing the Fraud – interview with R J

In America we may stand as Kings and Queens or as slaves.  It is up to us.  Offers for slavery continue to be made to us and most Americans have no clue how to be free.  Mary Home helps people understand their rights and how to claim them.

   Mary Home is available to help you stop a foreclosure.  Say R J sent you.

   God is the True Sovereign in America.  We can be Kings and Queens, if we choose to be in America.  In our schools, from the media and by the pulpit we have been beaten down until we have accepted our slavery terms.  Mary also helps teach people how to become a Secured Party creditor. 

   On the radio today with " R J "  Mary tells how when we are in Dixhonor, we lose.  Tribute is the tax that is imposed by a conquering nation.  Our Freedom is up to us.  We must claim our rights, in order to have our rights.   

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