Chertoff Terror – Patsee on Christmas Day – Kurt Haskell video

Chertoff Terror – Patsee on Christmas Day – Kurt Haskell video 

We keep chasing boogy men in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The CIA has invented and has been funding and training wanna-be terrorists for decades.  Osama is goine.  Sadam is gone.  Why do we continue to allow these CIA terrorists to fool us?  

Kurt Haskell, dude witnessing the false flag underwear bomber event,
put out a great animation detailing more than the false flag.  Good Stuff!

Kurt's Spoof on the Underwear Bomber

Backstory on Kurt Haskell

Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect
 Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive)

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