Let My People Go – Tim Turner Call – Kathy Rubio answer by God

Let My Peole Go – Tim Turner Call – Kathy Rubio answer by God 

America is like Egypt of old, or like Babylon.  We have been told to come out of her.  The " Evil Empire, " is collapsing right before our eyes.  We now get to choose between which system we want to be a part of. 

    On Wednesday evenings you can call in and listen to President Tim Turner answer questions about the Republic for the united States of America.  The link below came from the call last Wednesday.  Many outstanding answers were offered.  Where are you getting your answers from?  ph 323-843-0075  access code #819054  6pm Pacific Time  

   You may consider joining the Republic by going to www.republicfortheunitedstates.org   

   This 2 1/2 hour Audio Link to last Wednesday's Q & A call is outstanding.   

TT call: http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/downloads/calls/republic/public/RepublicWeeklyNotice-12-01-2010.mp3


    Have you wondered why Obama recently had to get 12 stitches after an accident on the basketball court?  The number 12 represents a New Beginning, a New Administration. 

   Recently Obama made a visit to Indonesia, but he didn't stay long.  On the " main news, " they would have us believe he kept that visit short because of the volcano, but honestly at Indonesia Obama is recognized as the head of the corporate USA and Tim Turner is recognized as the President of America. 

   Over 90 countries recognize the Republic for the united States of America as the official Government for the people in America.  The " bought off press, " is still trying to keep this truth under wraps. 

   In 1871 corporations took over America.  We have been trained to view these multi-national corporations as our government, but it just sin't so.  Elections within this corporate system is a share holders meeting.  These corporations are not people.  These corporations don't have rights. 

   During the summer of 2010 Americans took a Stand and Re-Inhabited all 50 Republics in America.  Since then we have moved on to organize a Congress and a President and the voice of " the People, " is being heard again.  The " Declaration of Sovereign Intent, " is one of the first acts by this Congress. 

   The Federal Reserve is running out of money.  The Fed's 100 year agreement for financial backing has ended.  Banks have no money and the Central Banksters have been trying to buy politicians and maintain their wars, but Americans may not be following their game any more.  The houses of cards that TPTB have built are coming down. 

   Americans now have another choice to make. 

   Nay Sayers continue to show up.  Assasins have been sent to take out Tim Turner, but God has protected him. 

   This 2 1/2 hour Audio Link to last Wednesday's call is outstanding. 

   A friend of mine was given this " Answer to Prayer, " recently.  It may be a witness to the Republic for the united States that is now rising out of the dust of the collapse of the old Evil Empire.   

Subject:  " Let My People Go! "    
Dec 2nd 2010 
Message from God
Given to Kathy Rubio
                            LET MY PEOPLE GO
I am not willing that any should perish or be put into slavery.
I gave you all the way out of this in my word.
These govts are as Pharoahs enslaving all my people. It is time for my people to
stand up and reclaim what I have given you:
Freedom to serve me, love me and obey me the King of all Kings and  King of all
Obey the commandments I gave you as your freedom is in them. Man’s commandments
are   as smoke in my nostrils. They enslave and destroy and kill all who serve
under them.
My teachers and preachers are under slavery to their gov’t leaders by the
contracts they have agreed to like the 501c3s. They have traded their agreements
with the evil entities for the enslavement of my people.
They no longer stand for me but they stand for themselves and lead my people
into slavery with them.
It is not too late to stand up and go into battle for freedom of yourselves and
those you lead into captivity with you.
Repent and tell these Pharoahs to LET MY PEOPLE GO. Teach the truth with great
conviction and love.
Tell those Pharoahs to Repent and Let my people go or they will pay the price. I
will not allow them to enslave my people. But my people perish under their
rulings because of lack of knowledge of who I really am and what my love and
purpose is for all. They  donotknow me and for this I am very sad. They do not
obey me, but obey the corruption of man. For this I am very Angry.
So to the self appointed teachers,pastors, prophets and leaders I say repent and
turn from your evil ways and I will heal you land. But if you continue on this
path of teaching and preaching and prophesying lies,
You will pay for every soul of every little one you mislead. You will pay with
your lives.
To the Pharoahs of the lands, countries, and the world who lead my people into
slavery I say—LET MY PEOPLE GO—or pay the price for this if you do not
repent.  —SET MY PEOPLE FREE— or you will pay with your lives.
Repent and turn from your evil plans and plots to dominate my people in
slavery.  I see all your plans. Nothing is hidden from me. I will reveal all
secrets plans and plots to my people. You will pay the price if you continue in
your evil way. Repent I say. SET MY PEOPLE FREE.
I will bring forth all truths and all plans and plots of the enemy of my people.
My army of Angles will go forth to reveal and spoil all that is hidden and done
in secret.
You plans will not prevail.
I call on my people who see all and know the truth to stand now and call on my
army to come forth. It is time now to stand up and take back your land and the
rights  as I have given them to you in the word of God.
All battle strategy is there.
Then when you have done all you can do, prayer and fasting and have positioned
There is coming a great battle, but my people will prevail. No weapon formed
against them shall prosper.
Your strategies and tactics for my war are all in my word. Seek them out and use
them. I will honor this with victory.
Come out from amongst the false teachers, preachers and prophets.
I did not send them. They do not speak for me. I tell my people who know the
truth to teach it to all.

Churches, temples and synagogues who steal my truth and my order and steal funds
from my people will be brought down. All judgment takes place in the house of
God first.  Run for you lives as you are the keepers of your own souls. Get out
of those evil places. Seek out my true words in the word of God, seek out my
true teachers and preachers. Leave those dens of iniquity now.
Meet as we did in the days of the past,In the upper rooms of homes. Get serious
about your love for me and I will bless and protect you all.
Ask for your eyes to be opened to see all and I will grant that prayer to be
answered. Love they neighbor with truth and sincerity. Be willing to die for me
as I was willing to die for you. Love me that much. Victory will come in that
Kathy Rubio


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