Economic Collapse – Bonded Note Slavery – Kelby interview

Economic Collapse – Bonded Note Slavery – Kelby interview  

Kelby Smith could get in trouble for what he released On the Radio today with " R J. "  Around the world many nations recognize Republic President Tim Turner as the Pres of America and Obama as Pres of the corporation USA.


In China the Lee family are holders of Great Wealth.  These 180 Elders are stepping forward to help restore Republics around the world.  The Federal Reserve had a hundred year agreement with this family, as the financial support behind the Fed.  This financial support is now being handed to the " Republic for the united States. " 


  The Pentagon supports the Republic. 

   You can now get your own " Republic credentials, " if you are a member of the " Republic for the united States. " 

   Ben Bernanke has been telling people what he thinks people want to hear.  It's called information for " Public Consumption. "  It's called trying to maintain confidence in their Bankrupt Federal Reserve system. 

   Since 40% to 60% of our tax dollars go to pay the interest on the debt to the federal reserve then we could conclude that over half of us now work for the " Federal Reserve TPTB. "  Is that what you want for your children and their children?  It's called slavery. 

   The days of reckoning for these financial criminals are coming. 

   County Assemblies are being organized all over America, as we work to take our country back, one county at a time.  A whole new system of government will arise, to Restore Liberty back for your children and mine. 

   This 2 hour interview with Kelby and " R J, " is powerful.   






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