Governing Ourselves – Tim Turner link

Governing Ourselves – Tim Turner link 

We've given lip service to freedom for too long.  It's now time to learn how to govern ourselves.  Do our children know the Declaration of Independence?  Are we familiar with the principles in the constitution?


 Below is the link to the speech by Tim Turner.  You may enjoy the themesong too " Born Again American. "   


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President James Timothy Turners address to Republic – October 07, 2010



   President Timothy Turner spoke on Tuesday night with leaders for the Republic for the united States.  Tim says they received a letter recently from many people in Canada who want to duplicate for Canada what the RuSA is doing in America. 

   In America we have the right to be as Kings and Queens, but too often we haven't learned how to govern ourselves.  Now that " the Republic, " has be re-inhabited and we've put in place the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of the RuSA it's time to " fill the Barn we Built. " 

   Every town ought to have an Assembly; a body of people who want freedom and they'll do the work to teach liberty and take care of their community.  Every County ought to have an Assembly, made up of representatives of the township assemblies in the County.  Every Republic(State,) Assembly ought to be made up of representatives from all the County Assemblies in the Republic(State.)  

   We must put Liberty Back in every County and take back America.  

   A National Congress of the Republic for the united States would be made up of Senators and Representatives that come out of the State Assembly, all 50 Republic Assemblies across America. 

   A whole new form of Government is coming for America. 

   This is no " Movement, " but the RuSA is recognized as the government for America by over 90 nations. 

   The corporations that have been masquerading as government in America are abut to implode.  The Federal Reserve and all these fiction corporations are ending, very soon. 

   Our De Jure Grand Juries are the only " Lawful Courts, " in America. 

   It's time for millions of people to join the " Republic, " now. 

   We all have different talents.  We must do the Job, that God sent us talents for. 

   We're running out ot time.  The corporations are nearly finished, falling apart. 

   We must make America work again.

   Pray to God and ask Him what He would hve you do. 

Be Free…      








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