Conspiracy Facts – Jesse Venture Dares us to Ask Questions

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Conspiracy Facts – Jesse Ventura Dares us to Ask Questions

The United States Government seems to be looking for an enemy.  Right now over half of the budget of America is being spent on defense.  America's military appears to be the strong arm of Corporate America.





You're Paying Your Mortgage….WHY?
Now comes this lawsuit out of Texasalleging that Bank of America not only tried to collect on a PAID IN FULL mortgage but refused to listen to the fact that it had been paid in full and in fact threatened that the owners were "going to lose their home."

Jesse Ventura: Corporate media, Censorship and American Conspiracies

From the assassination of JFK to the events of 9/11, more and more Americans are slowly realising things are not what they seem in the mainstream U.S. media. RT spoke to former politican Jesse Ventura, who revealed some of the dirty secrets of Capitol Hill…



Post-recession Unemployment 'Scariest Ever' Job Chart Show Its Worst Than WW2


At Least One Swiss Bank Has Started Refusing To Hand Over Physical Gold To Clients
Jim Rickards of Omnis has an interesting anecdote about global gold mania.
He tells King World News of a client of a major Swiss bank who was refused access to his one ton of physical gold ($40M) and was forced to make threats to convince the bank otherwise:



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