Top 19 Thieves – Economic Collapse by Bush 41 & Friends

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Top 19 Thieves – Economic Collapse by Bush 41 & Friends

Commissions are paid to sales people who make a sale.  A thief skims his pay off the top, while the rest of us aren't looking.  In this " White Hat Report, " some of the thieves in DC are named for us.




The first "White Hat Report" sent out three weeks ago had the desired effect: picked up by the DC crowd, world leaders and translated into over ten languages across the globe.

The internet is the last bastion of free speech and truthful reporting; the mainstream media has had this story for months and refused to release it. We, the White Hats, will continue to release evidence until the entire world is aware of the corruption in the U.S.A. and beyond. Former presidents, cabinet members, congressmen–the corruption penetrates deep into the bowels of our global society and culture.

The theft of the Bank of Taiwan wire transfer and the theft of funds from Ed Falcone, a U.S. citizen, are only two examples of the corrupt worldwide banking system; we have evidence of more. This fraud is estimated to be in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, all of which implicate the following top-ranking DC leaders:

* President Barack Obama
* Vice President Joe Biden
* Former President George Bush Sr.
* Former President George Bush Jr.
* Former First Lady Barbara Bush (Pierce)
* Former President Bill Clinton
* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
* Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan
* Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
* International Financier George Soros
* Former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulsen
* Former Vice President Dick Cheney
* Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker
* Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner
* Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney
* Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
* Former WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
* Deutsche Bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Group Executive Committee Josef    Ackermann

We are in the process of confiscating funds (a total of $500 trillion) from bank accounts all over the world in the control of George Bush Sr. His wife, nee Barbara Pierce, is also part of the fraud; her family, the Pierces who are one of the largest trading groups in France, have assisted in the theft of funds via worldwide trading programs.

This has resulted in a maelstrom of panic within the corridors of D.C. In less than 24 hours, 135 English blogs had received and posted the information–we can only imagine its global reach.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; the thefts far exceed those mentioned above. The treasonous criminals rounded up must be put on trial and the den of thieves exposed to the world. The mass media wonders why they are losing readership and subscribers.

The question is…….. when will the lawmakers in the US step up and do the right thing for the country and the rest of the world? What will it take to stop the theft of money and the manipulation of the banking system? The bribes, blackmail and corruption that permeates the corridors of power?

The fabricated left-right paradigm is about to be shattered. Republicans and Democrats are, in reality, two sides of the same coin. The question is, will the familiar nightly "talking heads" that prevent this information from being released, continue to be enablers by their silence? When the information comes out will the people hold these conspirators responsible? Their time is running out.

Tyranny has no place in this world and history will record this time period as one in which the people took back their "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness".
The following was received from a highly place intelligence source from across the pond:

“The saga of the Falcone Funds Theft raises fully the electoral specter facing America.  A President under severe surveillance on electoral malfeasance. A Vice President facing serious bribery and corruption allegations. Bribed by the Secretary of State Clinton according to documented allegations all fully attested now, on record, by Senior Staff.

Set up and controlled by the usual Criminal Cabal Ringmaster himself, Bush Snr. Bush is now promoting his new bought and paid for protégé, Romney, also listed as having participated in unlawful sequestration of the Falcone funds in conjunction with the criminal Herzog partnership.

 Romney, it is attested, received over $ One Billion dollars for his collusion. Another paid Monkey for the Organ Grinder to manipulate in office.

What chance does America, or its people, have with such malignant forces at work riding roughshod over the Constitution?

The allegations are clear and need to be investigated by an empowered Constitutional authority, Congress. The diabolical failure of the FBI and Fed to act shows the abysmal endemic corruption permeating through the entire Regulatory and Governing structures. Made Men and bought parties only are placed in key roles, to affect the Ringmaster and Cabals’ wishes.

Greenspan and Ackermann are clearly identified in this web of corruption yet again. Usual suspects, same faces, same modus operandi.

Wiki Leaks are now profiling US corruption, as the American media has simply succumbed to criminal directives and lost all credibility or purpose. The voice of the people has been removed post Watergate. Neutered dogs!

The Constitution has been blatantly disenfranchised from the people, enabling a criminal collective to usurp power, enslaving the American people, whose freedom is simply draining away into the night, whilst this vile, abusive, corrupt Oligarchy gorges itself with impunity, impervious to the constraints of Law or Order. The Supreme Court is a collective of hand-picked sycophants, each following the party line. Judicial integrity has gone. The Constitution has been dismantled. A ruthless, criminal and perverse regime has effectively enforced a silent Coup upon the Body Politic of the US. Corrupt Bankers now direct a corrupt Federal Reserve to mass print to order, in a feeding frenzy of Ponzi trading. Empowering ever more the criminal Cabal running America.

The Tri Lateral Commission continues unchecked towards its NWO Domination agenda, for Global enslavement of the Vassals. WW3 will result.

Ed Falcone is an American national. He invested substantial funds, as an American Patriot, to help his country. Funds ruthlessly stolen by Bush, Greenspan, Ackermann, Herzog and others, compounded by a bribed Vice President, coerced by Clinton, acting for Bush Snr. So bad, if presented as a novel, it defies credibility as Fiction? Yet happening, here, today and real.

With a new Speaker, and crumbling Presidency, was there ever a better time for the American people to demand a full, unfettered Congressional Inquiry? To name, investigate, indict and jail the guilty parties. Be you ever so mighty, the Law is above you! Remember that? The Founding Fathers set up the Constitution for a reason. To seize freedom from Colonial enslavement. Power now usurped by a greedy collective, manipulating the entire US Infrastructure for personal gratification and power. Power seized and corrupted, by a few, yet a whole nation disenfranchised.

The world looks on aghast and sees all. America is blind. Americans denied truth. The arrogance of plundering wars under cover of supposed Democratization, when basic Democracy is denied the America people.

When will Falcone be paid his rightful money? When will Congress investigate, indict, charge and imprison the entire corrupt Cabal? Will Congress recover the Constitutional Rights of its people?

The Internet is a Global force of truth and freedom. As Wiki Leaks is showing. Transgressions and Imperialistic brutality shown and shamed. Criminal acts ousted. A voice of truth. One they don’t own! However much they suppress truth, it always breaks free somewhere.

America was supposed to be a Republic, free from Feudal powers and a Self Empowering Aristocracy. France simply guillotined hers! Not such a bad idea looking at the collective named villains en masse. The Constitution has been usurped, its protective ethos reneged upon.

Treason! Treasonous acts in abundance. A plague of Sewer Rats has seized control. Washington has become an infested corridor of vanities. Texas’s Mafia award themselves Freedom medals for acts of brutal Hegemony and Fraud. A bonfire of vanities. Systematic corruption permeates through the entire State and Fiscal systems. Deeply embedded rot. Who will cauterize the scale of infection and clean up America? Start by paying Falcone what he is lawfully owed, investigate and jail the perpetrators. This is known Globally. America’s shame openly discussed. Has integrity died in America? Revolution freed a nation before. Truth is America’s freedom.

The new Speaker seems to be a man of integrity and humility. Standards and core beliefs. If so, one of his first acts must be to open a full, far reaching Inquiry, with immunity shown to none. Restore the Constitution. Rebuild faith and trust. Jail the guilty parties and seize all their ill gotten gains under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Extradite Ackermann, Hertzog and partners to stand trial in America for Corruption and RICO Fraud. Charge all Cabal accomplices and corrupt Regulators under RICO.

Clean up this rats nest and free America now! Vast evidence is available to secure mass convictions. Many, many other well documented cases all sit behind. Sequestrate the stolen funds and rebuild America. Can Americans only access truth via the Internet now like a Stasi State?

How many American nationals will make a collective effort to demand action by their Senators and Congressmen? Your voice is all it needs to expose and close this corruption.


America can only go forward by removing this infectious and virulent virus. Nuremberg cleaned up Germany. It needs repeating in the US. Indict and try the whole rat pack."



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