New World Order – Vatican in Charge 4th Reich

New World Order – Vatican in Charge 4th Reich

As a researcher, Dave Cleveland has been connecting the dots for many years.  His shelves are filled with newspaper clippings and news video evidence of a world that is already in a New World Order.



   Dave Cleveland is a rare find.  As a researcher his research is available for anybody to examine.  People can draw their own conclusions.   Have you heard of the Blue Mass and the White Mass and the Red Mass and the Black Mass?  Google " black mass, " and see what you'll find. 

   With " R J, "  Dave spells out the details of the 4th Reich that is coming in to place right now.  Have you heard of the Vatican Bank?  More disclosures by WikiLeaks will show more of the evidence on a Vatican conspiracy to take control of the world's money system, the world's religions and all governments.  A new inquisition will come. 

   In Revelations 9:  a 13 month war is depicted.  Could it be that April 19th is the significant date which the next World War may begin?  This could begin at the Euphrates River…

   All world currencies are in chaos, by design. 

   Many of the world's so-called leaders are Freemasons, Jesuit Priests or players with the CFR.  They are all buddies, role playing to fool us all, to lull us to sleep. 

   It's time that we wake up. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J


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  1. Jim Picardi says:

    It is crazy that the Wikileaks phenomenon is actually proving what many people new to be true in regards to the Vatican bank and controlling the worlds money systems. I’ve done research on this topic as well and we can definitely definitely link even more sinister content to the Vatican through the mob.

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