Quantitative Collapse – Tim Turner Can’t Save America Without God

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Dec 15, 2010
Subject: America Has Won says Tim Turner

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   It's not an easy thing to balance 4 men and their passionate discussion about America and our Liberty.  Out of California Kelby Smith first joined " R J, " in the discussion.  www.republicbroadcasting.org   Americans are watching a battle play out in DC for supposed unemployment extensions and Bush Tax Cut extensions too.  The Federal Reserve is officially out of money.  Homeland Security and Federal Reserve minions have been stealing from any source they can find in order to sustain their crooked, greedy system. 

   CW is the vice president of the Republic for the united States.  CW joined " R J, " to discuss what he saw in the Restore America Plan, when he jumped on board early in 2010.  The Republic may be America's last hope for freedom.  Politicians continue to give Americans a " false sensse of security. "  Soon enough, all of these Bubbles will be bursting and all Americans may suffer the consequences of the illegal, acts by the DeFacto. 
   In the 2nd hour President of the Republic, Tim Turner joined the discussion to relay new compacts that have been made between 26 nations and the Republic for the united States.  As of Tuesday December 14th, the DeFacto USA corporation has made a compact with the Republic.  At least 90 nations recognize the Republic as the official government of America. 
   Bruce Curtis seems to claim he has a better plan than the " Republic. "  Even the VK Durham Trust are made of bankrupt assets.  What do you want to hang your hat on, your future in?  Bruce Curtis is just 1 of many detractors that seem to confuse people on the truth of the success by the Republic for the united States. 
   Yeah, the Federal Reserve and their minions have been involved in crimes against America.  We must offer them a chance at Peace and Forgiveness. 
   A spiritual battle is under way, for the future of America. 
   God has won!  We have won!  America has won!  We can't do this without God. 
   Since before 1994 Tim Turner says he has been working to find a way to put a stop to the crimes of the De Facto corporation in Ameridca.  Sam Kennedy invited Tim Turner to join what was known as the Restore Amreica Plan.  Well, it was the Right Thing To Do. 
   In America right now, the Republic has overwhelming support.  The Pentagon supports the Republic.  The military supports the Republic.  Over 90 nations support the Republic for the united States, as the official government of America.  The Republic is America's only chance for Lawful Government. 
  Americans will be learning very soon, the significance of our Re-Inhabiting of the Republics. 
   Credentials, for members of the Republic are now available. 
   Foreclosures are an act of theft, by the corporation. 
   You can check out the Republic at www.republicfortheunitedstates.org  
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J 




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