Free State Republics – Restore America Plan History

Free State Republics – Restore America Plan History 

We have lost our way.  We have lost the connection to our own history, to the history of what a Republic is.  In 2010 America's 50 Republics were re-inhabited.  Now 50 State Republics stand and we get to direct out future for Liberty.
free states of | The Republic for the united States of America
“free states” vs. Individual Republics
Creation of the free state Seals
These seals were designed by request of individuals that desired assistance or council in the creation of a lawful seal that would not be an infringement of copyrights and or a seal that would be strong. We are asking all the Governors to approve these seals for use and also for use on the Travel Warrants etc. Where approval is not given please feel free to send a seal that is approved by the people for use. You are welcome to read this letter and to pass it to all your people to help you in your decision process for the seal. Always remember your decisions will affect many people to come and will effect in how we can defend what we did in reinhabiting the original de jure government for the people .
Here is the “Thought Process” that went into the creation of these seals.
The seal being used at the time of annexation to the united States of America; the Republic.
Remove all symbols that would have a Luciferian connotation such as 5-star symbol which is the symbol of Imperial Power.
Added the 6-star which is the Star of David or the symbol of the Bright and Morning Light.
Added the court which symbolizes Jurisdiction of law and justice to protect the sovereignty of the people.
Added the words “ free state” which denotes a jural society of sovereigns that are united to delegate power by constitution; some by state constitution and other power by Republic constitution, for the purpose of protecting their sovereignty and their free state.
Added the date July 4 1776 which designates the Republic or Union of states of the Declaration.
Added the (c. date) which denotes the date the particular free state was annexed to the Republic or the united States.
r.2010 which denotes the year the de jure “free state” was again reinhabited and the original Republic resurrected.
When the Declaration of Independence was signed it was done so by the Representatives of the 13 colonies, known as subjects of Great Brittan. The Declaration of Independence July 4 1776 declared them as free and independent states. Blacks law dictionary the 1st Edition 1891 State; a body politic or society of men, united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by the joint efforts of their combined strength.
This type of state sounds like a good thing and certainly not like the STATEs that we are familiar with today.
Blacks Law 1891 edition: A Republic is a commonwealth, having a form of government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the general body of citizens. Citizens of what? Maybe citizens of the state? As much as people love to name their states a Republic, it does not necessarily mean a good or bad thing. First it means you are a commonwealth. A commonwealth has to do with the public welfare and rights of the entire mass of people rather than the privileges of a certain class of people. It also means that it is a commonwealth which receives all its power from the people. The people could be good people or they could be bad people or the could be socialist people or they could be communist people or they could be democratic people running a democracy. Simply naming your state as a Republic is not the magic bullet necessarily.
A Republic is generally an entity “all inclusive by itself”. As states annexed to the Union of the united States, the states are not necessarily getting all their power from the people. They are also getting some from the national Republic. An example would be certain cases being tried in the Republic national judicial system for cases between a citizen of one state and a different state. Because of the way the Constitution is written no one state that is annexed to the Republic for the united States of America is necessarily an all inclusive Republic….. but they are Republic in form.
As you will find in the research of the state histories you will find that some states were known as Republics till they joined the Union then they were known as states or free states.
History research will show you that the territories that identified their states as a Republic…ceased to do so when they joined the Union. However California is still known in name as a Republic today but yet its function is that of a state, and not a Republic at all. It just carries that name.
The name California Republic is just in name and nothing more then that unless it really functions as a Republic. A state that is a true Republic is not part of the national union and certainly does not delegate power to the Republic (Federal Government) as it is a complete nation all by itself.
Texas is kind of a different state in that it actually functions quite like a Republic…an entity all by itself.
Historically this is what happened:
The California Republic, also called the Bear Flag Republic, was a government proclaimed by settlers on June 14, 1846, in Sonoma in the then-Mexican province of California. Declared during the Mexican–American War, the republic lasted a mere 26 days.
Beginning in the 1820s, trappers and settlers from the U.S. and Canada began to arrive in Northern California, harbingers of the great changes that would later sweep the Mexican territory. These new arrivals used the Siskiyou Trail, California Trail, Oregon Trail and Old Spanish Trail to cross the rugged mountains and harsh deserts surrounding California. In this period, Imperial Russia explored the California coast and established a trading post at Fort Ross.
In 1846 settlers rebelled against Mexican rule during the Bear Flag Revolt. Afterwards, rebels raised the Bear Flag (featuring a bear, a star, a red stripe and the words “California Republic”) at Sonoma.
“ [We] overthrow a Government which has seized upon the property of the Missions for its individual aggrandizement; which has ruined and shamefully oppressed the laboring people of California. ”
~William Ide, Declaration from the Bear Flag Revolt
The Republic’s first and only president was William B. Ide,[13] who played a pivotal role during the Bear Flag Revolt. His term lasted 22 days and concluded when California was occupied by U.S. forces during the Mexican-American War. The California Republic was short lived. The same year marked the outbreak of the Mexican-American War (1846–1848). When Commodore John D. Sloat of the United States Navy sailed into Monterey Bay and began the military occupation of California by the United States. Northern California capitulated in less than a month to the U.S. forces. After a series of defensive battles in Southern California, including The Siege of Los Angeles, the Battle of Dominguez Rancho, the Battle of San Pasqual, the Battle of Rio San Gabriel and the Battle of La Mesa, the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed by the Californios on January 13, 1847, securing American control in California. Following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the war, the region was divided between Mexico and the U.S.; the western territory of Alta California, was to become the U.S. state of California, and Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah became U.S. Territories, while the lower region of California, Baja California, remained in the possession of Mexico.
I have been told by very credible sources that the Restore America Plan was put together for the purpose of creating a situation to where the “powers” would have reason to orchestrate a military takeover. Well military takeover did not happen because The Restore America Plan failed in establishing 50 Free Republics. But here is how the Restore America Plan was put together. It very heavily promoted the idea of each state being a “Free Republic”. If we would have been successful of finishing the Restore America Plan and creating 50 Free Republics we would have just created a situation for the “powers” to have reason to order military takeover because that would have been a complete fracture into 50 different pieces the union of the united States of America…it would have been treason to the highest degree according to the Constitution. 50 Free Republics would be the complete opposite of one Union of united States of America because one Republic is “all inclusive” by itself.
However on the other hand, it was OK to call the states a Republic as individual states but since the Utah Convention when the states got together and convened congress and reinhabited the Republic for the united States of America……it may be very well that we consider well in identifying ourselves as the free states of the Republic for the united States.
Here is History lesson that sheds light on the formation of the Republic. The free states joined together in a Constitutional Convention much like we did in Utah. Please read:
“At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a monarchy?” “A Republic if you can keep it” responded Franklin.” So quotes Ron Paul in a statement written in early 2000.
Franklin’s words were quite telling. He could have simply said, “A Republic”, but he added the 5 words, “if you can keep it.” By uttering those words, Franklin was suggesting that a Republic is not something that can be expected to survive without nurturing and constant attention. Much like an infant, a Republic requires the supervision and disciplinary hand of a watchful guardian. If that guardian takes his responsibility lightly, it can be expected that the Republic will stray from all that is good and pure and will grow into an unrecognizable monster that knows not how to function properly, defiant and thirsty for self-gratification.
Franklin saw the very real possibility that our infant Republic might not stand the test of time; indeed, he recognized the thirst for tyranny among some of those that sat right there in the room with him, crafting our Constitution.
The “free states” joined session formed a united States Constitution and called it a Republic. They should never have named their Republic the……. United States. They should have named it the Republic for the united States of America. Naming their Republic….the United States, has always created confusion among people and causes it to be difficult to discern what you mean.
The Republic was not sovereign by any means. The Republic was not supposed to be sovereign. The sovereignty was held by the people. In 1861 they killed the Republic because it was not sovereign. It was easy to do because the Republic was called the United States; of the 10 miles square area. They simply incorporated the Kings sovereignty via creation of a US Corporation. This US Corporation now was incorporated with the Kings Sovereignty. Now they created a US Citizenship or the 14th amendment. The moment you became a US Citizen you became subject to the Sovereign Corporation. Today the US Corporation will admit they are sovereign. This information is readily available if you look for it.
The Republic Constitution (United States) guaranteed a Republican form of government to all the states. Only a Republic could guarantee that, could it not? Now what this meant was the states would be governed in a Republican manner which was…… they would be allowed to send their sovereign free state Citizens as Representatives directly to Congress of the Republic and Represent their free state. The free state would not be under a monarchy rule or the Republic would not act as sovereign to the state. It would govern the state according to the will of the people in that state through the free state Representative. Now how many states are experiencing this type of Government? Well of course none……Why? Because the US Corporation has taken the position of usurping the sovereignty of the people within the free states by contracts…getting us to waive our sovereignty and waiving our rights to have our sovereignty protected by the Republic Constitution.
The original Republic created in the 1787 Convention was not sovereign. The states were “free states” and together in session they created a Republic for the united States and created a Constitution for the Republic. They did not have citizenship of this Republic. Being a citizen of a Republic is a bad thing…because the Republic is not sovereign. Being a citizen of the sovereign US Corporation is also a very bad thing because even though the US Corporation is sovereign… do not receive sovereign status by being a citizen. You become a subject.
The people were free state Citizens. A free state was a jural society of men that joined together in political union to protect their sovereignty. They created a Constitution where they delegated some power to the free state government and then they delegated other powers directly from the sovereign people to the Republic. The free state government had certain functions and the Republic had other functions.
Original Blacks law gives almost identical meanings to the word state and the word Citizen.
While the word state means a jural society..the word Citizen means a member of a jural society, or putting it bluntly.. a Citizen is the Jural society who enjoys all the rights and privileges of that which he creates …….. The state does not give you a right or privilege, neither can it because it is a free state and you as a sovereign are the states Citizen, but as a state Citizen you enjoy rights and privileges of having the state law and justice system protect you and your sovereignty, whereas you otherwise would have to do it on your own and you may get arrested through the law of Conquer and Conquest….such as traveling down the road without a license. If you get arrested you have lost your sovereignty. The original word state is a jural society of men and women that band together to protect their sovereignty by law and justice. That is a good thing. A state Citizen is a member of a jural society that has united together with others to protect their sovereignty by law and justice delegated by constitution.
The states are free and operate by common law unless otherwise legislative law has been established by constitution. In the beginning the free united States created a Republic to protect the united States and the sovereignty of the people. How did it get so terribly turned around? I mean today the Federal US Corporation is anything then trying to protect the sovereignty of the people. But that is all about to change as we have now lawfully reinhabited the original de jure free states and resurrected the original Republic for the united States of America. We are back in business again and We the People hold the sovereignty and we now come as free state Citizens with established courts of law and justice that are here to serve the people and to protect their sovereignty.
The free states also govern themselves in Republican form… although they are not entirely a Republic by themselves as they are annexed to the Republic for the united States of America. A Republican form of government is simply Representatives governing for the people according to the will of the people. This is quite a luxury because while a few folks can be governing the rest can be farming or fishing or hunting and knowing that their Representatives will carefully guard their sovereignty in government. This is a privilege, is it not?
Lets look at the construction of the name “Pennsylvania free state” for example.
Pennsylvania denotes the name of the geographical area. Now the name Pennsylvania all by itself could mean any type of politic within Pennsylvania. It could mean communist or a Monarchy. The name Pennsylvania is simply the name of the geographical area .
Free denotes, “not subject to the dominion of another”.
State means, “A jural society of people united together in common for the purpose of protecting their rights.
As one last thought to those that insist the word Republic in their state seal please let us know how you want the seal. As a suggestion I would recommend if you need the word Republic with your seal I would have it read:
Pennsylvania free state Republic
Just keep in mind that for the sake of legal consequences we should be absolutely correct in the fact that we indeed reinhabit that de jure framework which had already been here but just lay dormant. I would highly discourage creating a situation where we create something new unless we got the manpower to handle consequences although we have the right to create what we want to create. Remember the Restore America Plan had us do that and now we know we were being set up to create a situation to where the military would be asked by the “powers” to take over and run the country for them.It did not happen because we failed in the Restore America Plan.
As you will also notice on the website under the free state documents the Declaration of Sovereign Rights has been modified to be state specific because their were a lot of complaints from people that felt that we were creating a situation where you were becoming a member of the national Republic jurisdiction. This was not the case at all. The word Republic we had meant it to be the state Republic. But we had so many complaints that we changed it to reflect clearly the free state. I am getting compliments from many people that like this new one very much better. They are much more comfortable with it and I am too. Please take a look at it.
Many Blessings to all of you and I look forward to working with all of you in a very positive way in the coming days as we are preparing to set the stage to adjudicate court cases from the Black Market courts to the Republic and free state courts with the support of the military.
~ Chief Justice for the one supreme Court
Nathan Joel Peachey

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