Top 3 End of the World Causes – Republic Jubilee – Kelby interview

Top 3 End of the World Causes – Republic Jubilee – Kelby interview 

Many people are watching Prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.  What does the " End of Days mean? "  It may be the end of the world for some people, but many people are seeing a new birth taking place too. 

   All mortgage notes have been Paid in Full. 

   All debt instruments have been Paid in Full. 

   Who will announce the truth?  The Mayan Calendar may be off by 2 years.  Did you see the Lunar Eclipse on Dec 21, 2010 at 1am or so?  In this radio interview  Kelby and " R J, " address many of the recent accusations against Tim Turner and the Republic for the united States. 

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MP3 Files: Hour 1, Hour 2

"Interview with kelby Smith In Idaho the Joint Terrorist Task Force is working with the Assembly involved with the Republic for the united States. The days of DeFacto are numbered. The day of DeJure is now dawning. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of Dec marks this threshold we have crossed over, where the end is now here. The end is coming for TPTB and the beginning is here, for many of us."

















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    How far are we in the forming of the Republic of the united states of America and republic states?

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