Tim Turner – Joint Terrorism Task Force Approves the Republic

Tim Turner – Joint Terrorism Task Force Approves the Republic

On Wednesday nights anybody can listen in to a " National Call, " of the Republic for the united States.  If you could ask any question of Republic President Tim Turner, what would it be?

   On Wednesday nights you can call in and ask Republic President Tim Turner any question you like.  At 6pm Pacific Time the 2 to 3 hour " National Call, " takes place.  You can call 1 – 323 – 843 – 0075  access Code 819054    No new Government has been formed by " the Republic. "   On the watch of the 41st Congress in 1871 corporations began to take over America.  This year members of " the Republic for the united States, " simply went back to the 1860's and re-inhabited " the Republic. " 

   If you want to examine " the Republic, " more closely then go to  www.republicoftheunitedstates.org

Republic Wed. night call:
   I wrote some notes from this Wed call.  My notes aren't perfect, but here's some of the details that were covered.  It looks like some FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force officials have been attending some of our Republic Assembly meetings.
   Republic Interim President Tim Turner stated that he heard the 111th Congress complete their business in DC this week with a move of " Sine Die. "  This means, the 112th Congress may not be gathering in 2011.  Listen to the link yourself.   
   On Sunday the 19th of December " detractor Richard Murray, " released an audio file on to the internet as an attempt to warn people that Tim Turner was a fake and a fraud and that T T would be arrested.  Somebody made sure this landmine audio link was sent to every member of ' the Republic. " 
   On the Wednesday call, December 22, 2010 Kelby Smith and Jim Fitzgerald kicked things off.  According to history, where a De Jury Grand Jury exists no DeFacto court can exist. 
   Republic Interim President Tim Turner came on to the phone call to set a few things straight.  A couple of weeks ago, there was a rumor that was heard about a member of " the Republic " that may have been involved in a gun battle with the FBI or the CIA or something.  In order to get to the bottom of the issue, Tim Turner called the FBI to determine the truth.  According to solid FBI and CIA reports, there was no fire fight between them and any member of " the Republic. " 
   Jim Fitzgerald began by rehearsing some of the history of " the Restore America Plan, " that began on January 31, 2010.  Every DeFacto Governor was invited to step from the DeFacto in to the De Jure.  All 50 DeFacto Governors declined our peaceful invitation.  Among the DeFacto corporations that don't want " the Republic, " to succeed are the Central Banks, and millions of NWO minions that have been profiting from their DeFacto theft and fraud. 
   Republic Assembly meetings are open to the public. 
   In Idaho and Alabama members of the Department of Justice and the FBI have been attending Republic Assembly Meetings.  Men and women who get their paychecks from the DeFacto government corporations are aware that they're whole financial system is hanging by a thread.  Many people are getting notices that their Social Security paychecks may not be arriving in January 2011. 
   A few DeFacto people are joining the ranks of the De Jure, now. 
   DeFacto Thugs may continue to try to Divide and Conquer us.  They continue to tell lies and threats.  
   From the Alabama Republic Assembly a couple people came on to the call to witness the presense of FBI and Department of Justice officials who have been attending some of our meetings.  These FBI and DOJ people have not seen anything illegal taking place at our Republic meetings.  We have their support and encouragement to continue doing what we have been doing.  We have no violent objectives.
   There is no other plan to Save America. 
   We will move forward and organize our own Treasury. 
   We will move forward to help organize County Assemblies all across America.  Within the ranks of these Jural Assemblies are De Jure Grand Juries that we get to form, juries whereby we will have a remedy to the issues that are facing all of us. 
   The Republic has been restored. 
   America needs every one of us, engaged for Liberty now! 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   www.morningliberty.com     

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