Top 3 Bogus Stats – TPTB Manipulation – Bob Chapman interview

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Top 3 Bogus Stats – TPTB Manipulation – Bob Chapman interview

Supposed Government Officials claim unemployment is below 10%.  The U6 levels are actually over 17% and if you include official Birth and Death rates the actual unemployment rate in america is over 22%.   

   Every Day TPTB manipulate the price of silver and gold.  It's a part of how they make their profits and how they continue to sustain this unsustainable, false economy. 

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   Bob Chapman dares to speak the truth.  For his own safety he had to leave America.  On the radio with " R J, "  Bob stated today that the real unemployment rate in America is over 22%.  The banks are out of money, but paid-for politicians continue to pass legislation that requires funding so the Fed continues to print dollars.   




1 – Official Unemployment is wrong… 


2 – Gold Prices and Silver Prices are skewed… 
3 – Banks that are Too Big to Fail have fallen…   The Bail-Outs have helped the banks, but many of these banks refuse to assist Small Business and Americans.












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