Top 20 Prophecies 2011 – Jack Johnston & Kathy Rubio interview

Robert Hender " R J "

Fri  Dec 31, 2010 
Subject: Top 5 American Sodom & Gummorah Cities 

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   Jack Johnston came from a traditional Catholic family and he grew up by Virginia Beach. 
   Jack used to be connected with " the Occult, " but in 1989 he found Jesus.  His life has never been the same.  On a regular basis Jack Johnston is given dreams and open visions about events that are about to occur in America and around the world. 
   It's important that you can hear God.  Destruction is coming for many of America's Cities because of the wickedness and Satanism in America.  Redding, CA is one of the first Cities that will be destroyed by God.  San Francisco's days are numbered too. 
   God is now calling to many people through dreams and impressions.  People are now being instructed to leave the " Big Cities ". 
   During this 2 hour Radio Interview with Kathy Rubio and " R J, " Jack Johnston spells out many of the details that God has shown him on events that are about to bust loose on America and the world. 
   Are you ready?



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