Top 308 Million Americans – Collateral for America’s Debt – Kelby interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Dec 29, 2011
Subject:  Angels are Leading the Republic 




   In this 2 hour interview Kelby Smith and " R J, " cover some unusual ground.  People in this Republic are being led by God, in ways we didn't see ahead of time.  Right before our eyes Prophecy is being fulfilled.  

   It seems like Heaven and Hell are working hard.  Many people haven't decided yet which side of the fence they will choose. Kelby says, he was a Street Fighter in California, an evil man, but God came into his life and changed everything. 

   The Republic for the united States is America's last chance for liberty.   Every one of us is needed, to assist in this movement, this government in America. 

   Our adhesion contracts have turned us into the " inventory for the corporations ".  That won't change unless we get in and work to help change this condition. 

   Obama is now working hard to get FEMA Camps ready for domestic terrorists, as they call it.  Executive Orders by Obama may also allow him to collect his enemies too.   You can join now, if you like.  America's Only Remedy



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2 Responses to “Top 308 Million Americans – Collateral for America’s Debt – Kelby interview”

  1. Pete says:

    People are complaining about the fact that Barry won’t provide proof of his natural born citizenship. Should he or should he not?

    In the same vein, these guys touting that the Republic has been restored are NO different!!! They provide no proof!

    Now I see they want money for their identification cards that they admit most likely won’t be recognized??

    RJ, you’re a good host and I’ve assisted you monetarily because I really like your show. You really need to determine the veracity of this group because I see them dragging you down like an anchor.

    Hey, it’s just my two cents but I’ve been following this movement since day one and have heard enough to make me realize these guys are all talk and no walk.

    I can talk smack all day but if I can’t provide definitive proof of that which I speak…I am blowing smoke. All I hear is smoke…

  2. Tom says:

    I agree with Pete. RJ, you are a great man and a great radio host. How did you get involved with a con man like Kelby Smith? You should look into his background more carefully before giving him this platform to speak.

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