Titanic America – Economic Collapse – Tim Turner interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Jan 5, 2010
Subject: Republic Working to Set America Free

   Some Americans are in fear.  Every day more people are losing their jobs and their homes.  Banks seem to be okay with this arrangement.  When a bank forecloses upon a house, it is an act of theft.  JP Morgan Chase officials know they are out of money.  Bank of America is out of money.  The Federal Reserve system is out of money. 

   In this 2 hour Radio Interview with Tim Turner and Kelby Smith help to spell out more options for the future of America, than the " Main Press, " have been delivering for some time.

   People need to be re-educated on the " True History, " of America.  We need to realize who we are and how much America needs us now.  If America has any chance of turning this crisis around, we must be a people of Faith. 

   NWO thugs want to destroy America.  Men and Women of the Republic for the united States are working and praying hard to save our country and it's future.  The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force have attended our meetings.  A body of Freedom Lovers need to be organized in every County in America, 30 to 50 to 100 to 5,000 people who are ready to be educated and armed with the tools to Act Lawfully upon our Land.  Are you one of these?

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