Top 21 HAARP Quakes – Earth is Ringing Like a Bell Last 24hrs

Mon: January 17, 2011
Subject: HAARP Military Weapons Shaking the Earth Today 



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mamaj1013 just uploaded a video:

~credits video: site:

Michael (patrioticspace) statement:

I have no words to describe how floored I am to see this MAJOR UNHEARD OF ACTIVITY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PASS THIS ON AS THIS IS MAJOR!
Credits go to YT user for the HAARP signal clip. Check out his channel!

Space-Quakes Rumble near Earth!!

91 Quakes rock China!:

Mt. Etna erupts in Italy:


Earth-Quake in Chile:


USGS Live Internet Seismic Server:

IRIS Seismic Monitor:

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