Top 3 Judgements for America – New Passover for God’s Remnant

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Jan 14, 2010
Subject: New Passover for God's Remnant  

   Are you prepared for tougher days?  Did you secure some silver yet?  ph 435-283-3733



   The Council of 6 has come against Jack Johnston, who dares to speak the truth.   Kathy Rubio also knows what it is like to be attacked by evil thugs.  On Fridays " R J, " discusses spiritual evidence behind what is about to come about in America.  Personal Revelation is a right each one of us have. 

   Many people have already given up.  We have been pursuaded on how the world will end. 

   Jack Johnston says America deserves the President we have, in Obama.  In this 2 hour interview Jack Johnston says that God has been giving him many dreams about the future of America.  It appears that " the wicked, " will be drawn together and then there will be One Great Slaughter. 

   Many of us may not repent until God brings Judgement on our Land.  Will you come to God after you lose your job?  What if you lose your home to foreclosure or to a mudslide?  Do you recognize the Hand of God yet, in these weather calamities?  Will it take a famine to bring you to your knees?  Will it take 17 armies that may be invading America, to bring you to prayer? 

   The Churches and their Ministers have all gone astray.  In an open vision, Jack was shown a " Big Church, " and outside were all the sheep in the gallows, upside down.  " Come Out of Her, " or you may be a partaker of the punishment that God is about to bring down upon these Churches.  In the Churches today 90% of people don't get it… 

   God is preparing His Remnant too.  " He that overcomes shall be a pillar in My House. "  Our hour of testing is arriving soon.  Where do you now stand with God?  Get Ready!  Get Ready!  Get Ready!  The Ark Door is About to Close!  Are there things that are more important than God, to us?  Matt 10:35   take your cross and follow after Jesus… 

   In Iraq there is a " Super Weapon. "  The evil Council of 6 have been creating problems in order to bring in their remedy, for hundreds of years.  TPTB have an Order they intend to bring from the Chaos they have created. 

   We Are the Truthers!  God says, " …Let My People Go! " 

   Against America, God is fashoiing and implementing calimities…  Too many people have turned their backs on God. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J



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