Economic Collapse – Peace and Abundance It’s Up To Us – Colleen Thomas interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Tue  Jan 18, 2011
Subject:  Earth and the Federation – Colleen Thomas interview 

   Too many people are commited to the " …end of the world. "  We have been pursuaded tht the Bible is the only truth.  Colleen Thomas had a ugly childhood of violence and neglect, but she trusted in Jesus.  During the 1st hour on the radio  " R J, " began to know Colleen and some of her history. 

   In the Gulf of Mexico Off Worlders are repairing the ocean and the ocean floor, already.  People would have been dying off, if these " Federation Ships, " weren't working on these repairs.  Earth is going through a paradigm shift.  All of us may begin manifesting a new reality for our families and our country and our planet.  The Death and Destruction of the earth is not our only option.  

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