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 Tim Turner

Sat  January 15, 2011

Subject: Americans Are Waking Up – Republic is Back

Hi RJ,

This is a report compiled by a Law Firm named Panama, we didn’t even know that they were monitoring us before. Also they have almost all of the republic’s updates and Tim’s latest video, check it out.        More T T Video Clips are below article…

   Some of the claims by Tim Turner in this 2 hour video may be a surprise to you.  .

   America is about to be notified how " the Republic, " has been lying dormant since 1868.  They are about to learn that all of their mortgages may be considered as " Paid in Full. "  After the IRS goes away we'll all have 30% and more of our own money to use as we see fit. 

   How do these benefits look to you?  Tim Turner used to work as a commercial fisherman.  During the 70's more than 200 government regulations were invented in order to help put him out of business. 

   Tim then began working a real job, like many Americans do.  Americans have been turned into slaves, by corporations.  For years Tim Turner has been seeking a way to help resstore freedom to America. 

   Im America we were all meant to be Kings and Queens. 

   On January 31, 2010 4 men took a stand for Freedom in America with the Restore America Plan.  By March 30th all 50 Republics were re-inhabited in America.  Every American was invited to jump on board to help bring God back to America.  DeFacto Corporations have been kicking God out of America, for too long. 

   We have helped to form " the Republic for the united States of America.  A whole new paradigm is about to begin in our country and our children may have a better future. 

   In this 2 hour Video Interview Republic President shares a few of the benefits that come with " the Republic. "  

        Free Technology is coming

        Cancer Healing Cures will be released

        Chemtrail Spraying will cease

        New Business Loans will help industry get started again

        New Gold Backed Treasury

        Foreign Troops that are now in America will be sent home

        Our troops will be brought home – carefully

        We will re-take control of HAARP technology – beneficial uses

        Fluoride in our water will stop

        Gene Splicing our food supply will stop

        Police won't be pulling people over any more – for crimes with no injured party

        Prisons will release people who don't belong there

        Infrastructure Projects do need to be done… 

        Agriculture Program will put farmers back in control of their land 

        Lawyers for the BAR may be banished from America – must find productive work to do

        Property Taxes will go away 

   You can take a look by going to 


Wind Walker Ranch video clip is below – and others… 

The Re inhabited Republic Explained


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