Martial Law – Jesse Ventura Police State Conspiracy

Jesse Ventura  TruTV

Fri  Jan 21, 2011 

Subject: FEMA Camps and Coffins for Americans

Censored Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Episode – THE POLICE STATE – the show the FEDS don't want you to see.

You need to see this show. It aired once but word is from Ventura through Alex Jones ( )
that replays of the show were cancelled. Yup. The powers that be don’t want you to see this show. Additionally, if you have a DVR, there is technology to go in and erase this show on your DVR. I have been accused by my wife of erasing Ventura shows that we had saved to see again. Now we know what happened to them.

 Now the good news, you can go here to the link and see it full length – hopefully before it’s pulled off the internet:







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