Top 5 Steps to Lawful Gov’t – Tim Turner comments

Tim Turner RuSA 
Wed  Jan 12, 2011
Subject: Freedom our Children are Counting On  

   1 – Join the Republic for the united States of America 

   2 – Participate in your Republic County Assembly – or help organize your County Republic Assembly 

   3 – As an Assembly, organize a DeJure Grand Jury

   4 – Participate in elections of your Assembly and of your Grand Jury and of your State Republic Assembly. 

   5 – Participate in national RuSA elections

   Tim Turner and Kelby Smith and Ken Counsens spell out details in our history and for our future in this National Call. 

   We are now organizing our own Republic Treasury. 

   Credentials for members of " the Republic, " are available. 

   The Republic for the united States is the only Lawful Government in America.  Around the world, other nations recognize what the De Facto corporations have done to America. 

   In 1860 DeJure Freedom was abandoned in America.  Benjiman was asked what type of Government our Founding Fathers established for America.  Franklin stated, " a Republic, if you can keep it. "  Our Republic was left dormant for 150 years.  All we have done was re-inhabit America's 50 Republics by March 30th, 2010.  Most Americans are asleep as to the significance of this " Republic, " and our re-inhabiting " the Republic. " 

   At first we thought we were doing this for America. 

   More than 80 nations came looking for us, asking what they could do to help us in our Stand for Freedom again in America. 

   If America goes down then the whole world will go down. 

   New World Order, DeFacto thugs want to destroy America.  They have evil plans to enslave us even more.  They have plans to kill many of us, especially those of us who still remember what Freedom is. 

   It is our duty to circumvent those evil NWO plans.  We must represent " the Republic, " in a peaceful, positive way.  Republic President Tim Turner sees himself as the " Chief Servant, " of the RuSA. 

   During the 1920's the Federal Reserve created a bubble.  In 1929 – 1933 the UNITED STATES Corporation was put into bankruptcy.  People were pledged as the collateral to this national debt.  Take a look at HJR 192, yourself. 

   Many of us have not done this before. 

   In some ways, we may make mistakes along the way.  Please, don't just attack us for our faults, but examine the Value that each of us have.  We need one another.  All people screw up sometimes.  We must have charity with one another. 

   Bring your solutions to the table. 

   God Bless America…



















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