Grab an Ark – Planet X is Shaking the Earth – John DiNardo interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Tue  Jan 25, 2011
Subject: Top 2 Places to Hide from Planet X 

   Some of TPTB with money are building themselves an ark.  Other folks may be digging in to one of over 100 DUMB's " deep underground military bases, " that have been built across America for protection from the catestrophes that will strike the earth. 



   There may be no safe place to hide.  Maybe the Mayan Prophecies and the Hopi Prophecies and the Bible Prophecies have got it all wrong.  If we dig ourselves a hole and hide will we be safe from the Sun Scorching that will cover the whole earth?  At least John DiNardo dares to speak about the Planet X issue. 

   Where does your shelter lie?  Where may you find safety?  Every 3,600 years Planet X approaches earth in it's own orbital loop.  As a Brown Dwarf Star it is already impacting our sun and the earth with electrical discharges.
   Is it likely that Beings on Alien Ships may bring people on board, to save them from the destruction of earth? 
   DiNardo says, " we should check out the website  and read the book " Planet X Forecast 2012 Survival Guide. " 
   In 2007 the South Pole Telescope was completed in order to get a better look at this Planet X. 
   Because NASA officials has warned other government officials, many branches of the government are already bugging out from D C to other parts of America.   

Hi RJ!

John De Nardo was just talking about Arks and to watch what the Queen does with regard to her 'going underground'….

The Royal Navy's ARK ROYAL  aircraft carrier was recently decommissioned – so too the harrier VTOL jets, prematurely imo…

Perhaps the ship and harriers are being refitted for use by the 'elite'?

Perhaps this would be the real purpose the Ark Royal was built in the first place – of course, we pay for everything, get killed for it and then give it away to 'them' when 'they' tell us it's 'outdated'….so we can pay for new toys ad nauseum!

Thousands bid farewell to the Ark Royal, British navy's decommissioned aircraft carrier

The Associated Press Jan 22, 2011 12:46:38 PM

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LONDON – Thousands turned out Saturday to bid farewell to the crew of the HMS Ark Royal, the British navy's flagship aircraft carrier that is being decommissioned amid tough austerity measures.

Crowds lined the streets as a Royal Marines band led about 250 sailors in a parade through Portsmouth, the home port of the HMS Ark Royal in southern England. Some went on board to have a final look as part of an open day this weekend.

The 25-year-old warship, which served in the Iraq war, is being decommissioned three years early as part of the government's defence spending review.

The Ark Royal is the fifth vessel to bear the name — the first was involved in action against the Spanish Armada in 1588, while the second served during World War I.

The warship will be replaced by the Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carrier, which will carry F35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.–thousands-bid-farewell-to-the-ark-royal-british-navy-s-decommissioned-aircraft-carrier

Love your show RJ and your fascinating guests, thank you for all your hard work – God's not-so-little-people WILL prevail!






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