Economic Collapse – Mapping 6 Future Sections of America

 Igor Panarin

Thur  Jan 27, 2011

Subject:  2011 Financial Collapse of America  

2008 –
Russian Prof. Panarin stated the USA will collapse and be divided in six sections, with one big chunk shown as Chinese rule –

It was brought to my attention in dec 2010 that little grandmother Kiesha Crowther was a fake. Whether she is or not, that is crucial, because – I remember one video she is telling people to relax about the border changes that are coming. That info surely matches up along the lines of the map in the link above… There is no way I can find that, but it was one of her youtube vids, a general talk, a workshop, calming people.  It could have even been in one you sent to me. Here is statement from her website concerning the “fake” issue.
Official Statement Regarding Native American Issues

Within the past 2 years I had heard Glen Beck state,  vaguely referring to New York, that white people would no longer own instead, they'd be caretakers of homes etc.

2009 –

Chinese Flag Raising By The White House –
Red China Flag Over Washington – Legacy of President

Obama Admin Raises China's Flag Over Washington DC

Then, I am going to put this last, but it should have been first – all of the Chinese made goods in our country seem to be the number one manufacturing name. I remember it was like 10 years ago I was trying to buy my husband a quality belt made in the USA. It was not easy. We ended up buying leather at the Tandy Company (no longer in business 🙁  and making a belt.

—–  All of that above is before there was China on board and backing the RuSA.—–

There is no doubt China has been busy here in the USA since before Carter. He gave us away, we the farm, along with the Clintons.  China on board with the RuSA, they might be the driving force.  After all, they were heavily within our infrastructure long before the public knew about the RuSA.  And, poof’s last msg from Sunday – Poof has been sending out updates for 10 years. “See if you can find out what was dumped in the boston harbor, research the east india tea company. China kicked their butts and ran them out of there.”   

Doesn’t that imply China has been a force in our country since forever?
Let us not forget about what evil doer is living in China, or rather hiding, Maurice Strong.
Maurice Strong and the Cap & Trade Crime of the Century

The point being, is China working with us as sovereigns or here to control?

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