Top 10 Signs End of World – Vatican is the Illuminati – Father John O’Conner

John O'Connor
Thur  Jan 27, 2011
Subject: The Reign of the Antichrist       2010Countdown 

Get one thing straight out there, once and for all!

The Vatican =
Many parts of the Catholic Church is currupt.
But You cant strike all Preachers as currupt
just because of their Denomination. 

In this video clip, Father John lists the Top 10
sins that depict our society today.  These are

the evidence of the days we are in.

Narrow minded People must understand that
there are rotten apples where ever You go.
That mean that could be Yourself.

America is comprised of over 38000 Denominations.
Sorry folks there is ONLY ONE The word of Jehova.

Religion is to put us all in a category.
Jesus did NOT preach religion.
He was teaching Love and Mercy.

So for once snap out of your self indulgence.

I am the way, the light
Only through me will You stand before The Father." SAYETH THE LORD

If You renounce Jesus, You renounce The Father.
There no shortcuts, there is only one way to Heaven.
Only through Jesus´s teachings will You comprehend
the true meaning of Love and Mercy.


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