Top 3 Silver Crimes – CFTC Helping Manipulators

 Bix Weir

Tue  Jan 25, 2011

Subject: CFTC Ignoring Congress Dodd-Frank Act   

ALERT! The CFTC has NOT started the 60 day notification clock on position limits and they’re delaying the implementation so the silver and gold shorts can cover on the recent slam.
Here’s a letter I just sent off to the Commissioners.
CFTC Delays 60 Day Notification to Assist Manipulators
We must spread this news throughout the silver investor community. Post this on all the chat rooms and websites.
Email the CFTC to let them know that WE CAN SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!
It’s crunch time people!
Let’s get em.
Bix Weir

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