Top 3 Acts of God – Day of Reckoning for NWO Thugs – Kathy and Jack interview

Robert Hender " R J "
Fri  Jan 28, 2011
Subject: Demon Dragons are Coming for DeFacto Criminals 

   From the Churches we're not getting the truth any more.  Jack Johnston read this morning from the Bible where it warns…    …come out of her…  that means it's time to come out of these Churches that have been taken over by men who are not of God.



   1 – God will allow this medeor to strike the earth.  2 – God will allow enemies to USA move upon DC and punish NWO minions and their families.  3 – God will have His Remnant, saved.  It's time to pray and prepare.

   Kathy Rubio joins " R J, " every Friday at RBN.  They discuss what is going on in the Churches in America and how the current events reflect the fulfillment of prophecy, every week. 

   During these 2 hours Jack Johnston joined Kathy and " R J, " to say what God has been showing him about America this last week and these last few years. 
   More than $500Trillion has been stolen from " the people, " by many of the so-called leaders out of Washington D C.  These so-called leaders have approved abortion laws and they have been keeping their hands in their pockets as the Banks have been foreclosing on millions of homes, all over the country.  Foreclosure is an act of theft.  
   People have been crying out to God, for a redress of these crimes against humanity. 
   The very last comments Jack Johnston made this morning, were about the enemies of the USA, that they will be allowed to invade DC to bring justice to these NWO Criminals and their families.  Jack said, " drunk in the blood of these leaders and their families. " 
   Perhaps Chicago deserves Rahm Emanuel as their Mayor. 
   As we began the open discussion at RBN, Jack warned Americans to get ready, with at least a 100 day supply of food and necessities.  He says that God is about to allow a meteor to strike the Indian Ocean with a speed of 50,000 miles per hour.  Millions of people will die from this initial hit.  Tidal waves will cause havoc all over the globe and explosions will be set off all over too.  This 1 event will bring the earth to it's knees. 
   God's remnant will be given a chance to Repent, Serve God and Live.  God will save His Remnant. 
   The Kingdom of Hell is a real thing.  Super Fallen Angels are already there and it's a very ugly place.  Ancestral, Generational Sin must stop.  This hell is organized like our bodies, with a head and arms and legs and feet.  It's not a very nice place.  Jack Johnston has seen it. 
   On a global basis, efforts are being made to bring all of the Churches in to one tent.  The Church, is a big part of the problem, these days.  Very few ministers are preaching the Word of God.  They are not guarding the flock, but profiting at the expense of the flock.  God will be mocked, no more by these wolves. 
   A friend of Jack's was ministering in Rome a few years back.  While in Rome she was caught in the spirit for a moment and she was shown a Massive Dragon Demon above her in the sky with the words " Dominion, " written on it's forehead.  She fell faint, by the power of what she saw.  " Palestine is mine… " was the message she heard from this Demon Dragon. 
   God has been taking Jack Johnston in to the Realm of the Dragons recently.  This last weekend, as the President of China was visiting Obama at the Whitehouse Jack was shown thousands of dragons that are being unleashed upon America.  They have the head of a goat, the nose of a buffalo, the chests and arms of a man and they are weilding a sword.  Over 200 million armed warriors accompany these Dragon Demons that have begun to invade America.  It's significant that these Dragon Demons were unleashed in Washington DC. 
   America used to be " the Light on the Hill, " but no more.  This light has gone out and darkness is covering the land. 
   Did you see the news yesterday or today?  It looks like Mexico has sold their border to China.  The Virtual Fence between the United States and Mexico has been ordered to come down. 
   In Egypt today, it has been proclaimed as " a Day of Anger, " and crowds of people all over the world are very upset over the opression by TPTB. 
   Jack quoted from 2Chron 15:5   where it speaks of every kind of distress, many disturbances that God will allow to come upon America. 
   For several years now Lindsey Williams has been warning about the plans by China and Russia for America.
   A new Inquisition is coming for America.  At Virginia Beach, Jack used to see it as a Powerful Center for Believers in Jesus.  Jack commented this morning that Virginia Beach has been taken over by homosexual, covens of witches that have taken over the Churches. 
   Check out " the King Neptune Festival, " that was held there recently. 
   Spiritual Warfare is going on.  It's time that we learn how to battle in " the Spirit. "   
   America needs Prayer Warriors now! 
Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J







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