Top 50 Justices in America – National DeJure Grand Jury is Back

 RuSA Wed Call

Wed  January 26, 2011

Subject: RuSA One Supreme Court Convenes

   Most Americans are not aware that Lawful Government is back in America.  Justices from all over America came together in Atlanta last weekend to begin reviewing the crimes against humanity, by DeFacto thugs. 

   The Main Press has been hired by TPTB to keep Americans wrapped up in Non-News events. 

   In a a few days we may see the U S military arrest and detain hundreds of DeFacto criminals who have been trying to destroy America.  During this Wednesday RuSA national call on Jan 26, a few of the details were disclosed.  

   We need God's help to save America.  America needs your help, now.  Many Americans know that something is very, very wrong, but they haven't been able to put their finger on the real problem.  It's like, there is an elephant in the room, we can feel it in the room, but for some reason we can't see it or put our hands on it.   Take a closer look, yourself. 

   Kelby Smith began the discussion Wednesday night, on the call.  Nathan Peachey, Ken Cousens and Jim Fitzgerald all shared some details of what " the Republic, " has been accomplishing.   

   America was organized as a Republic.  When Benjiman walked out, after signing the Declaration of Independence, he was asked what kind of country we have.  Franklin said, " …we have a Republic if we can keep it. " 

   We did lose the Republic back in 1868-'71.  At the end of the Civil War the 41st Congress decided to incorporate the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  Perhaps they thought it was easier to control a country, under Martial Law rather than in a Free Republic.  

   A President has the right to issue Executive Orders, when the nation is under Martial Law. 

   The initial jurisdiction of the corporate USA occupied the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia.

   Oer the years, the USA corporation has become greedy, swallowing up all 50 states or districts as sub corporations.  County and City corporations have been added as more sub corporations for profit and all of the courts in America too.  These are corporations for profit, with private owners for them all.  Check this out for yoruself at  or at   

   In 2010 we re-inhabited " the Republic. "  It's kinda like sitting down in a chair that has been left in the attic for years.  The Republic has been dormant since 1871. 

   By March 30th, 2010 all 50 Republics were re-inhabited. 

   On Sept 23, 2010 480 members of " the Republic, " voted to take the next step.  We chose a temporary President for " the Republic, " and temporary Republic Governors and temporary Republic Senators and temporary Republic Statesmen. 

   During the weekend of Nov 12th – 14th this Provisional Congress convened at the Wind Walker Ranch near Spring City, Utah to organize Operating Documents and to deal with other matters for America. 

   More than 100 nations recognize that these DeFacto corporations have taken over America.  These countries recognize " the Republic, " as the only Lawful Government in America.  

   Most Americans were not born before 1871.  We were groomed by an education system that has not educated Americans on these matters.  We have been kept asleep by fluoride in our food and in our water systems.  We've been lulled to sleep by a Main News system that works for DeFacto to entertain and occupy us with small talk and non-news events.     

   America has been Bankrupt for a long, long time.  The terms and conditions of a Bankruptcy for a Country span 70 years.  The District of Columbia was placed as collateral for America's 1st bankruptcy.  All 13 colonies or states were later put up as collateral the 2nd time around for America's 2nd bankruptcy.  Between 1933 and 1938 all the gold in America was secured and people were put up as the collateral for this 3rd bankruptcy.  A system was invented to give every American a Social Security Number and to use Birth Certificates to secure revenue for the DeFacto, at our expense. 

   A few Americans see the evidence. 

   A few Americans understand the conditions of our slavery. 

   The greed by these DeFacto corporations knows no bounds.  It seems that they now are working to destroy America, thinking they may gain more power and wealth. 

   Over the weekend of Jan 22nd and 23rd about 150 members of " the Republic, " came together in Atlanta, Georgia to review the crimes against America and Americans.  This National DeJure Grand Jury constitutes the One Supreme Court in America.  Justices were invited to come from all 50 Republics.  Ample evidence was delivered to this body of Americans who are risking everything to see that Justice will come to the criminals who are still hard at work to destroy America. 

   Republic President Tim Turner has stated that we must offer forgiveness to these DeFacto criminals. That means that these DeFacto criminals must offer Restitution for their crimes. 

   The magnitude of this convening will be revealed in about 10 days to 2 weeks as DeFacto officials may be arrested and detained by our American Military. 

   While these members of " the Republic, " were gathered in Atlanta, Tim Turner was approached by a messenger from the Department of Defense.  Tim Turner was approached by a messenger from the European Union.  EU Officials would like to meet with Republic President Tim Turner, as soon as he could arrange it. 

   More than 26 countries have presented compacts for " the Republic. "  Other countries are preparing to deliver their own compact agreements. 

   An Official Letter of Notification has been sitting on Tim Turner's desk that will be released to over 5,000 agencies across America informing them about how " the Republic, " is back and placing them on notice who we are and what our intentions are. 

   We have the support of the FBI, CIA, DOD, and the Military.  Some people may still be risking their lives by supporting " the Republic. "  Within the DeFacto USA are people who support the RuSA.   

   Nathan Peachey says, we are re-building a Republic.  Nearly every one of us have never done this before.  We must remember who we are.  We msut act responsibly, as members of " the Republic. "

   The remedy to foreclosures and other DeFacto legal activity rests upon a County Assembly and DeJure Grand Jury, in your neighborhood. 

   In a County Assembly there are 19 positions to fill.  This is the new form of Government and Justice in America.  It is our job to teach our neighbors, and DeFActo actors who have been mis-informed all of their lives, just like we were. 

   People from all over the world are watching us now. 

   Angry people are rising up all over the world. 

   We do not plan to attack anybody. 

   We have our Republic Credentials, available to any member of " the Republic. " 

   At some point we'll have our own " Republic License Plates, " for our automobiles. 

   This work will take years to accomplish.  We will move forward in peace and in law to repair America.   

   Washington D C is still under the jurisdiction of DeFacto, as if it were it's own country. 

   We have a right to assemble. 

   We need your prayers.  America needs ur prayers. 

   May God Bless America.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J     This article was written from notes I took from this Conference Call and if there is any mistake or misrepresentation, the fault is my own, not of RuSA. 


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