2012 Warnings by Kiesha – Little Grandmother says Be Love

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Kiesha Crowther
Sat  Jan 29, 2011 
Subject: Pole Shift is Already Under Way    

04/23/2010 Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother": One with Nature 1/8

Live Interview on the Channel "2012 and beyond" with Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother", Shaman Wisdom Keeper. In a very powerful and moving interview she reveals her opinions and feelings on subjects like 2012, changes on earth, love, oneness, gratitude, indigo and crystal children, nutrition, angels, crystal planting, power places and more.



frenciej | June 04, 2010 |

Please keep on praying for our Mother Earth.
She has given us her body to live on… we have exploided her to much and now its time to give back what she so lovingly gave us, with our hearts!

Please continue your prayers… your love is so very important for our mother!
Together we send her Love to get safely to the golden age with all her children!

Much Love to everyone! and thank you so much!


Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther speaks on 2012 November 2010

eddievibes420 | November 15, 2010 | likes, 25 dislikes
credit to http://www.vimeo.com/16830337 for spreading the light ☮ ♥ ☼
more info on Photon Belt and darkness…

During her workshop in Zurich early November 2010 Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther spoke about 2012, the expected pole shift and how we should prepare ourselves. Illustrated with pictures and accompanied by music from the CD "Heaven & Earth" by Mandu Trummer.


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  1. Nancy May 27, 2013 at 7:44 AM

    Where is Little Grandmother, Kiesha’s website?

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