Economic Collapse – Down the Toilet 4 Us – $Billions 4 Politicians

Fri  Jan 28, 2011
Subject: Economy Going Down the Toilet   


The people of Egypt are screaming “Please Help us President Obama”.   
Someone should refer them to the people of Iran to see what kind of help can be expected from Obama.
“THE CHICAGO WAY”. The law says Emanuel can not run for Mayor of Chicago as he does not meet the residency requirements.
The lower Courts agree. Emanuel takes it to the Illinois Supreme Court which is part of the ‘Chicago Machine’, the dirtiest, sleaziest political operation in the Country, which promptly rules “To hell with the Law”, Emanuel is on the ballot.
The Chicago Way has been brought to the White House. “Laws” no longer apply, silly laws such as the President must be born in the U.S.. What remains is ‘the law of the jungle’ which means laws passed and or repealed by Politicians for the benefit of Politicians and their ‘Johns’.. Actual legalities and/or Constitutional adequacy no longer apply.  Then, should questions arise the ‘bought and paid for’ highest Courts in the land, as in Chicago/Illinois, rules OR does not rule, in whatever manner suits the Politicians needs of the moment, especially those Politicians who have provided them their secret Bank Accounts in the Vatican Bank. Welcome to modern day America where ‘thin air’ Fiat Money can buy anything.  Simultaneously, ‘The White House Insider Report’, recently posted, advises all Americans to lay off, to back off, to shut up, to “proceed at your own peril” that ‘The Chicago Way’ is to be brought to each Americans front door. And the people slept.
  729 Companies, Unions, and ‘Friends of Obama’ have now been provided waivers and do not have to comply with the 2700 page Obama Care Law. Can you not see that it is simply a tool to reward friends and punish enemies? Again, The Chicago Way.
Japans DEBT has been downgraded, finally. States and Cities here are broke and their DEBT unpayable. The CBO just said this year’s U.S. deficit to be 1.5T instead of the 1T previously projected. Unemployment up, not down. The Fed and it’s puppets buying U.S. Debt, Monetizing the Debt, the most inflationary scenario ever invented by mankind, guaranteed destruction of our currencies purchasing power. Suppression and Control on a world scale leaving the people and their children debt slaves to the Bankers and begging for their food. This and so much more in store for ‘the people’ unless the ELITES PLANS (Satanist) are over turned.
Forcing World Government via Financial Control is so very obvious to those who have studied such things.
 Well known, at least to those with a ‘peep hole’ to activities behind the curtain, is that what is unfolding is a Partnership between the U.S. (Western) Powers and Communist China. Hu and Obama, the U.S. and China, are in Partnership. Why else would the Politburo Members have secret Bank Accounts provided by the U.S. Treasury Department? Why else would nothing be done about this situation in China as well as in the U.S. where more than 700 of our finest Politicians and Government Officials also have secret accounts, some in excess of a Billion Dollars each. And now, suddenly, 257 China “Free Trade Zones” in the U.S., more than five per State.
When control of the Internet, including a ‘master switch’ for the President could not be passed in the Congress, the President, who is literally a War Time President operating under ‘Emergency Powers’, many of which were ‘declared’ sixty or more years ago, literally a Dictator occupying the White House, he simply issued a Presidential Order assigning the job to his Appointee at the FCC. This kind of thing, total disregard for Law, History and the other branches of Government, is also occurring at the ‘World Level’ as reflected in these secret agreements with China. It amounts to the complete ‘takeover’ of the United States by someone of dubious origin, someone who works for who knows who, someone who openly brags that he has bought and paid for the media, someone who has blocked deliveries since his first day in office, someone who has secret Bank Accounts of his own, not to mention his family members, with funds provided by the Treasury Department, someone who insist upon spending our country into oblivion, someone who has provided the Banksters with Trillions which are now being moved by the Parlor Magicians onto the backs of generations of Taxpayers.
The list of the things being done is endless, all are happening Simultaneously and most folks ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’. Nothing is an ‘accident’.
It is all intentional.
It is happening rapidly and right before our eyes.
The silence via their ‘control’ of the media is an essential element keeping the people’s attention diverted while ‘they’ proceed with their plans to ‘change’ America into their Communist Vision where total control, literally a Police State, is nearing or has already passed ‘the tipping point’.
And the people slept.
The solution to most of this, IMO, is the defeat of their ‘Control Mechanisms’, The Fed, the Fiat Monetary System and the Bankers Control of the Debt Based Fraudulent Monetary Systems being used to enslave the world and their attendant Control of the Politicians worldwide who are willing pawns in possession of Secret Bank Accounts.
Picture a Globe of the earth. At the north and south poles are giant octopuses draping their many arms, each with hundreds of ‘suckers’, spread all over the Globe (world). These creatures (Illuminati) have been  building upon their plans for world domination forever and their primary control instrument is not Military Strength but Fiat Financial Control.
‘They’ appear willing to see the entire Western World go into the financial toilet rather than give up this Control Mechanism. And now ‘they’ are doing various things in Partnership with China and their ‘leaders’ who have been provided with their own Fiat Bank Accounts. IMO it is a gigantic criminal ‘mafia’ operation worldwide, East and West, the Money Interest and Political Elites with unlimited Fiat Funds against all the ‘regular’ people of the world. World Government, World Religion, World Control, World Everything with the Unelected Elites and their Bribed Politicians in Control and the peoples ‘freedom’ as represented by the Sovereignty of their Nations flushed forever.
The anticipated change to a worldwide metals backed Monetary System, while depriving the Satanist of their primary control mechanism will not render them ‘toothless’. It will likely ‘render’ them more ‘pissed off than ever’. That is why we must have the announcements, we must have the return to Constitutional Law and we MUST HAVE THE EXPOSURES in order to ‘render’ them ‘on the run’ from the exposure and consequences of their Criminal Actions ongoing thru the course of several Administrations.
This means the utterly corrupt State Controlled Media must also be overcome along with each of the other utterly corrupt branches and agencies of Government who have their own secret Fiat Bank Accounts (see previous updates disclosing many of their names).   
  YES, WE do still expect all of these good things and more to come to pass but it is an ongoing battle with daily twist and turns and that includes this very day. Not everything can be addressed publicly and furthermore it is still true that ‘WE do not know everything’.
Judging from what WE see on the net and what others report it is obvious, at least to us, that WE know a hell of a lot more than most but it is equally true that the ‘clampdown’, the ‘blackout’, the miss/dis direction ‘Company Line’ put forth daily by cooperating Governments make things ever more difficult to sort. OUR exposures, put forth as often as possible in an attempt to assist allies awaiting payouts worldwide, is likely only a small fraction, a limited ‘peek’ into the cesspool of corruption surrounding us all and masquerading as legitimate Government. WE perceive, WE believe, these limited exposures pouring forth via the net from so many different sources simultaneously is slowly helping to awaken a sleeping and manipulated population here and around the world to what ‘they’ have done in the past and to their sickening plans for our future.
Every freedom loving person must find a way, some small way, to contribute to the enlightenment of the whole and the exposure of the ‘controllers’. The alternative is ‘Nazi Germany’ to pick just one of several possible examples.
 The packs are still in D.C.."
          Casper   1-28-11   opinion 


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