Economic Collapse – RuSA God’s Only Plan to Save America – Tim Turner

Republic President Tim Turner
Wed  Feb 2, 2011
Subject: God is Ready to Deliver America 

   People continue to speak about " the Republic, " as a creation of Tim Turner.  It's not about TT but it's about every one of us.  America needs you and me to participate in it's future.  You may check out " the Republic, " by taking a look at

   On this Wed Conference Call, Kelby was the moderator.  Nathan Peachey and Republic Vice President CW were involved in this call. 
   Tim Turner spoke about training resources that may be available soon for " the Republic. " 
   The devil has been trying to cause division among our ranks.  Be aware of where this may arrive from. 
   There are at least 10 elements for Freedom and Peace – that will create strong chords for us, too powerful to be broken. 
   Foregiveness must be a part of how we operate. 
   We are in position to take possession of our own Promised Land.  Too many of us are afraid, like Israel at the Jordan River where spies were sent in to see the conditions in the valley.  We hear, " but there are Giants in the Land, " and we then cower backwards.  We must now walk in to the valley and take possession of America.  God will deliver us, He's already delivered us. 
   We must proceed with God's Rules.  We are about to see Great and Marvelous things come to pass.  Will you pray for us?  Ask God to lead us. 
   We all have friends who don't have the same vision we do.  We all have family and friends who have walked away from our RuSA efforts. 
   There is no other plan to save America, as set forth by God.  Our goal is to establish a righteous, lawful government in America.  There is no other plan out there that may bring this about. 
   Nathan Peachey – spoke about a 8 to 10 page Ranger Application that may be ready soon.  There may be County Rangers or State Rangers or National Rangers. 
   We've had some " credential, " challenges.  The Homeland Security folks do not want RuSA to succeed.  PayPal has responded to some complaints.  The " credential, " system will continue soon. 
   Tim Turner declared that " the document, " is on it's way to notify the United Nations and the Hague.  By special courier, 5 copies have been releaased to the world. 
   Barack Obama had no business sitting in as the temporary Secretary of the United Nations. 
   A currency change is coming for America.  Asia and Europe are debating over whose currency may become the world's new currency.  A new Treasury Note is ready, a money system in America backed by gold. 
   We are not in control of the dinar.  We are not in control of a new world currency.  We will have to wait and see how things evolve, financially.  The Federal Reserve is insolvent.  They continue to find ways to perpetuate their " funny money. "  As they keep printing frn's they are simply spreading their insolvency upon the backs of Americans. 
   We are building a new America.  We may not be ready to challenge Title 18 yet. 
   China is dumping their dollars as quickly as they can.  China may be trying to postpone the economic collapse.  The dollar will not be the world's currency any more. 
   Our money is about to take a 10% hit.  A 20% hit on the dollar will follow. 
   This Freedom for America may take some time. 
   Could the dollar collapse on March the 11th, as some reports claim?  Could all currencies be Re-Booted by the 7th of February? 
   It's not about money. 
   Homeland Security continues to mess with our financial assets.  A number of times we have tried to move our wealth, but they are messing with us.  They don't want us to succeed. 
   We have come a long ways, since a year ago when we kicked this thing off.  It took 140 years for us to get to this point, in America.  It will take a while to repair our damaged country.
   Please pray for America.  Pray for the RuSA.  Pray for Tim Turner. 
   All over the world, people are listening in to our National Conference Call. 

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