Top 3 Steps to Slavery – Constitution Gone – Ralph Epperson interview

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Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Feb 2, 2011
Subject:  How Americans Sold Themselves In To Slavery 

RJ Continues his conversation with Ralph Epperson who asks us to take a look at the Legislative powers delegated to Congress in the Constitution, how they came about, and what those powers entail.  He explains from where these powers originated and what happened as a result of passing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution after the Civil War in 1865.  It prevents you from becoming a citizen of the United States by force. The 14th Amendment passed in 1868 makes us all citizens of the United States; you are a citizen if you were either born in Washington, D.C. or are naturalized as a citizen of the United States voluntarily by contract.  When asked; "Are you a citizen of the United States, what is your answer?"

RJ provides an interesting and educational conversation with Ralph Epperson…


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