Best 3 Patriot Acts – Feb 28 Sunset for 3 Provisions

Paul Drockton

Mon  Feb 7, 2011

Subject: Mitt Romney – Tea Party Captain Supports Patriot Act  

    The 3 provisions of the USA Patriot Act that are set to expire on Feb 28, 2011 are… 

        Roving Sureveillance of Homeland Security suspects who try to evade court ordered wire-taps, approved by FISA 

        Access to business records that may be related to investigations of terrorism or intelligence

        Surveillance of a " lone wolf, " Homeland Security suspect who isn't affiliated with a known group of foreign power
Ron Paul comments on this Tea Party Congress that are gearing up to Re-Pass the Patriot Act
Even though we are waiting for the New/Old Republic to take over we still need to keep an eye on this…





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