Iraq Terrorists – DC Politicians Must Bring Our Troops Home

Jim Kirwan and Rumor Mill News
Mon  Feb 7, 2011
Subject:  NWO Illegal War in Iraq, in Afghanistan 


DeathBedConfession: The truth of the illegal war of mass murder against Iraqis /

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The truth of the illegal war of mass murder against Iraqis /;read=195405

An Oil Tycoon – a high ranking Bilderberg Mason is terminally ill in theUSA. He confessed some of the plotted events coming for us all in the next year or so before the take over of the New World Order whereby we will be ruled by China, the yellow skinned race.
But of course the Real Rulers are the Illuminati Bankers who will remain in the shadows as the Chinese take over as the front stage men! This is what he said which also includes other revelations and facts given to us by the alternative media which is not masonically controlled.
1 – Strike on Iran within 2 years and will spread everywhere!
2 – US Dollar will be definitely dead by 2012 – currencies will be worthless as THEY usher in the new One World Currency. The world as we know it now will be completely different in 2012. Disruption of currencies plotted so pull your money out of the Banks, spend it NOW!
"China are the strong ones" – China are the New World Order
Leaders with America reduced to Third World status! Timothy Geithner of the US Treasury speaks fluent Chinese! (KEVIN RUDD SPEAKS MANDARIN ALSO. ED.) Within 2 years we will not recognize America. The Elites have altered their Time Line. After 2 years we will be so poor, we will not be able to rebel!
3 – Gold and Silver is all you can rely on – convert your assets and cash to Gold ASAP – Urgent. Don't hang around because the Illuminati are going to crash the banks further very soon.
Read full article here:-
NATION DESTROYERS: VIDEO PENTAGON WONT RELEASE: US Veterans explaining the truth of the illegal war of mass murder against Iraqis
The video the military brass won’t want the people to see a video that shows soldiers are not happy killing/raping people for oil even the sleeping soldiers are waking up to the illusion that they are not in the east to fight farmers and cave dwellers but to take their natural resources, sad but true, pentagon are imperialist crusaders at the service of their zionist masters……
Magnetic polar shifts causing massive global superstorms
The Future
Through the global lens of public resistance
Jim Kirwan
America has been ruled solely by fear and tyranny in the name of corrupt corporate power and the terroristic structure of the police-state that is intensifying its control over America: Once the events of 911 freed these thugs to crack-down on every shred of democracy that might still threaten the autocratic rule of these traitors over those that are still clinging to the remnants of the US Republic.
What is happening to Mubarak in Egypt now ought to be happening to Obama and his entire government here:
Soon! The corruption within the leading Egyptian political party is the same among the two US political parties that are nothing more than two halves of the same corrupt-coin that has been ruling this place through fraud, corruption and treason since the creation of the fraudulent ‘state’ of Israel in 1948.
The US Media has facilitated the illegal-police-state here since George W. Bush openly and arrogantly stole the presidency in 2000. So we’ve had over ten years of pure and unadulterated lies that have tried to portray what is happening to this country as something that has come from the outside. The truth is that those who designed and carried out the attacks of 911 were and still are in power here and in Israel, as well as the City of London (The separate Corporate-State inside London): in tandem with the other private corporate-state inside Rome called The Vatican. This is what has almost finished capturing our ability to have either a voice or a point-of-view that is contrary to the fascistic-state that has seized almost total control over the USA., in the name of USI which is also a private-for-profit and illegal corporation that operates from Washington D.C. Everything that comes from D.C. can only legally apply to those people residing in the District of Corruption which is wholly owned by US INC.
How would America respond if the Mall inside Washington D.C. were to be peacefully-occupied by Americans that were demanding the end to OUR traitors that have seized every aspect of this government—for roughly the same amount of time as the Egyptians have been enslaved by these same powers? Fear itself is nothing but a giant global-shadow that has tried to cast itself across the vastness of this huge nation to intimidate this country into surrendering-ourselves to something so criminally bent and treason-oriented that if we allow that our “future” will be vaporized into nothing but smoke.
No nation can ever build everything upon a place that is run as an openly violent police state. Yet we have allowed TSA and ICE and Viper to begin to make inroads into our way-of-life that have absolutely nothing to do with ‘national-security’ whatsoever. The ‘FEAR’ of terrorism here in the USA is nothing but another of their boogey-men that they want to demand that we focus upon in order to justify this level of massive criminality and treason which the government itself is promoting as the only possible response to these autocratic and violent government behaviors that have had nothing to do with ‘being an American!
“This is the end of a very long dark night in the Arab world. We have suffered through decades of autocracy, cleptocracy, absolute monarchies and it sometimes seemed like it would never end. And thanks to the Tunisian people, thanks to a man who set himself on-fire, six and a half weeks ago, suddenly there’s a viral contagion of the desire for freedom, the desire to end this old-Arab order. It’s quite remarkable. We don’t know of course where it’s going to go, and of course it may be very messy. But the passions that have been unleashed I think have become contagious: because something fundamental seems to have changed in the Arab World. ~
Freedom is contagious. Because of the sense that you can liberate yourself is contagious. I mean we have a generation in the Arab World of people under thirty who form the overwhelming majority of the population – in the majority of 300 million people. These people, most of them, have never known a free regime. They’ve never known ‘equality of opportunity. They’ve never known freedom of the press and so fourth. And they are hooked into the rest of the world. They know how other people live, and they know that it doesn’t have to be like this; but there was a sense of despair. There was something that was holding people down and that somehow this was beginning to lift. I would call it contagious, but in the best possible sense; contagious JOY. Friends of mine are telling me ‘this is the first time I’m feeling proud to be an Egyptian.’ Tunisians say that ‘we’re so proud that we have started this process. And I think that feeling is rippling across the Arab World. “(1)
Obviously this does not apply to Amerrikans that have kept themselves apart from what our money has been paying for since the creation of Israel that now gets $10 million dollars a day. And there is also this which begins at 90:30 in the first footnote below:
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