Top 10 Mafia Business Fronts – Huffington Post is Next

 Art Larson

Mon  Feb 7, 2011

Subject: Bronfman Mafia Family Gobbles Up Huffington Post   


  When one does the analysis on AOL you will learn that this is a front MAFIA business owned by

  The Bronfman Crime Family. Just like they own MGM/Universal Studios, TD Bank, Royal Caribbean Cruises,

  DuPont, Vivendi, Marathon Oil and Gas etc.

  Edgar Bronfman owns Time-Warner hence they own AOL which is part of this media.

  AOL, Last year the took over the Weather Channel and Now they took over this Media.


Details on Firms owned by the Bronfman Crime Family

[when they merged Commerce Bank into TD Bank the had 25% of Madoff’s cash about $8 Billion (Via Matt Bronfman

Control of  Israel Discount Bank and his relationship to his aunt Phyliss Lambert owner of TD Bank), equal

To the amount of funds used to merge the bank]


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