Top 10 Republic Steps for Liberty – RuSA PanamaLaw Kelby inerview

Mon  Feb 7, 2011
Subject: RuSA Has Re-Inhabited the Republic

   The Dinar may be busting loose at any moment.  Hyper Inflation will be hitting America.  Are you ready?  Silver prices are expected to hit over $150 an ounce.  You may order silver by calling ph 435 – 283 – 3733

   I wrote about 7 pages of notes after I listened to this inerview with Kelby Smith.  I will do my best here to describe the meat of their conversation, but I may make some mistakes. 

   Meetings have taken place between the RuSA and officials from the CIA, the FBI, the DOD and others.  Many people who are serving America may risk their lives by publicly supporting the RuSA.  We hear that our Military supports the RuSA and that they will do their best to tell Americans about the RuSA. 

   Did you ever see the Declaration of Independence read before the Superbowl before?  Now there is the subtle support the Military promised  for the RuSA.  Below is the link to the actual 6 1/2 minute presentation that played just before the 2011 Superbowl.  Pay attention to the comments of Colin Powell. 

I have got to tell you guys…I haven't shed tears of joy for far too long!

   Did you realize that Hillary Clinton just ordered over 260 ambassadors back to DC for a face to face conference? 

   A battle is raging for America.  You can take a look at " the Republic. " 

   America's 41st Congress put a stop to " the Republic. "  Do you recall the words of Benjiman Franklin as he walked out of the building afer he signed the Declaration of Independence?  Franklin warned back in 1776 that America may not be able to hold on to our Republic. 

   By March 30th, 2010 all 50 Republics were re-inhabited after about 150 years of absense.  It's like that old char you found up in the attic.  Members of  " the Republic, " have not created some kind of new government for America.  They have simply dusted off the old Republic chair and sat in it. 

   Tim Geithner has declared that their DeFacto Federal Reserve is insolvent. 

   The CBO has declared that there is no way to save America from a financial collapse. 

   George Sorros demands that America must have a slow collapse, like a slow crash in an intersection. 

   DeFacto corporatins have been playing around with our FIAT Money system for decades.  DeFacto Thugs have been working, in every way they can, to destroy America.  QE1 was an attempt to slow down America's decline.  QE2 was another attempt to stop the bleeding.  This year we'll see QE3 come out in order to make it appear that they have fixed the economy. 

   Are you paying attention yet? 

   Countries are about to Re-Vallue their currencies. 

   The DeFActo Federal Reserve cabal has been setting up America, and Europe and other nations to fail. 

   Bill Gates and Al Gore and Prince Charles and many DeFacto Thugs want to see people die.  Already we have been watching thousands and millions of birds and fish and other animals die. 

   The Rothschilds Gang has been hoarding our wealth. 

   Many of these DeFacto Thugs have been trying to instigate more radical uprisings and riots.  Will you jump in to a Civil War that the Federal Reserve have orchestrated for America? 

   The Fed has been monetizing debt.  This is like parents who eat their children. 

   Republic President says we want to organize Safe Havens for members of " the Republic. " 

   Mexico just a couple of weeks ago refused to give out dollars to some people at Wal-Marts there. 

   Food prices are about to soar.  We could see milk at $26 a gallon, this year. 

   In Georgia a few weeks ago, a National De Jure Grand Jury came together and it appears indictments may have been handed out.  Very soon, trials may be held for the very people who have been working to destroy America. 

   Are you ready? 

   Will God stand by and watch us stand by while these DeFacto Thugs continue to kill His birds and His fish and His whales and His shrimp and His other animals and His people upon the land? 

   More than a million homes in America were foreclosed upon in 2010.  Millions more families may be thrown out of their houses in 2011. 

   Are you through being a spectator?  Is it okay, if the other guy loses his job and loses his house and loses his life? 

   Siler went up by 30% in 2010.  Silver and Dinars may be your best investment choice.  We had better get ready some how.

   America's Media is owned by the very people who own the DeFacto corporations that have been working to destroy us. 

   This month, in the month of February we will see many milestones reached in America, by " the Republic. " 

   War has been waged against us.  This is what it feels like.  It's a Spiritual War, mostly. 

   God promised that He would fight our battles.  We still get to Show Up!  Colin Powell told us, before the Superbowl that it is the duty of " the People, " to get rid of a rotten government. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J 



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