Top 3 Evil NWO Plans – TPTB Spankings On Their Way

Kathy Rubio in behalf of…

Fri  Feb 11, 2011

Subject: Day of Reckoning for TPTB Criminals

                                      Feb 8 2011
I shut my eyes and saw the white horse with a grey rider wearing a grey cape and
with saddle in place. The horse came from the heavens and headed toward the
ocean. Before it rode into the ocean the grey rider and the saddle were gone and
then it went into the ocean and never came out.
I believe God has shown me there is a great amount of death coming from the
ocean and will kill many. New York and Washington DC are its targets.

All who are putting my people into slavery will die. I have warned you many
times this would come. You would not hear me. In your pride you are saying you
are me. I will show you who I am. You have no power over me. You believe I will
let you enslave my own? You are wrong.
I will deliver all who love me and serve me and give me the glory. You will let
them all go. I am speaking now to the pharaohs of the lands and to the leaders
of my people in the govts of the world. I am speaking to the false pastors and
prophets and leaders of my people in my temple as well. 

You have walked on my people and trodden them down in your greed and desire for
my power. Now you will let them go.
You can climb in your boats, and build great cities underground, you can climb
the mountains and you can build fortresses for your self in the heavens and non
of it will protect you from my judgments of your evilness. Every child you have
sacrificed to abortion and to human sacrifice will be avenged by my hands, say
The Lord. Every child you have oppressed by your rulings and laws will be freed.
I have told you over and over, Let my people go—-you would have none of it.
Now you will fall into your captivity by your own hands and I will not raise one
hand to help you.
I am speaking to the Pharoah’s of the world who have made these horrible plans
to control the world. You all know who you are.
You have played with the spiritual entities and now they will turn on you and
the very ones you pray to for your power will kill you.
You will not have safety anywhere.
You have hurt my people in all lands, seeking my power and glory. I share no
power or glory with anyone. You will see. I am all power, Might and I am
Omnicient, and Omnipresent. There is no where you will go that I will not be
there. You have raised my anger to heights unstoppable now. You have destroyed
the love and the trust of my people. I will not stop until you have let every
single one go. You will not survive if you do not stop this evilness right now.
Not tomorrow nor the next day. But right now.
You have sought to be me, to have my creative powers both in heaven and on earth
and under the earth. You have sought to control weather, to create humans and
bring souls to them. You have planned and plotted to control what kinds of
humans will be here. You have taken the temple I have given man to reside in and
corrupted it with demons to live in their temples. I will Shake your world now.
You will roll and roll side to side and not know from whence all the power
comes. I share my people with no one. I share my temple with no one. My people
will see me and hearts will change and you will Let them go. If you do not heed
this warning you will die at the hands of your own and by your plots you will be
no more.
You will not enslave my world, You will let my people go in all the world. Every
Pharoah is a liar and will not do what is right. You have made pacts with the
devil and done it knowingly for power and control, riches and glory. Now I will
show you what real power and riches are. I will show you what real glory is. You
will be no more.
To my people I say, Your freedom is at hand. Your redeemer draweth nigh. I have
not missed one word of your prayers to me. You must listen and move accordingly
to my words and obey them all. I am your Father, I am your God, I am Yaweh.
There is none like me.
To those who have said in your hearts where is God? I am here. You have said in
your hearts why God. You will see why. You have said in your hearts Are you
really there? I will show you I am.  My arm is not too short to bring relief to
those who have loved me and served me well.

I have given you eyes to see, and ears to hear but many of you choose not to. To
you I say come out from amongst them, wake up now, see the truth. I am the
truth, the way and the life. There is no other.
Choose ye this day whom you will serve as there are no other days left. Look up,
My redemption draweth nigh.

I have made covenants and many promises to my elect and my remnant and you must,
as I have told you in my word, remind me of them all. It is the time I will keep
them all. Come to me every day, every hour, and I will bring forth my words and
promises in completion now.
Trust me and know I am the God who loves you with love so great I gave you my
own son, so you could be free. There is no greater love than this that I have
for you. Come to me my sheep, heed my voice and obey.
Thus said Yaweh.

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