Top 5 Acts of Slaves – RuSA Saving America – Kelby interview

 Robert Hender "R J "

Wed  Feb 9, 2011

Subject: American Military Promoting RuSA

   A transition for America is coming.  DeFacto Systems are coming down in America.  Men and Women involved in the Republic for the united States of America are gearing up to step in and support their country. 

   " R J " had to move over to in order to continue discussing " the Republic, " on the radio after RBN scolded him for doing " RuSA, " interviews. 

   On Wednesday morning Kelby Smith joined " R J, " to discuss the progress that " the Republic, " is making.  
RJ and Kelby  2-9-11

   It's not easy to discuss all of the progress " the Republic, " is making in America and around the world.  Recently Republic President mentined that 80% of all the countries support the RuSA. 

   Detractors and their lies continue to get attention. 

   Click on to your state at " the Republic, " website.   You willfind the contact info for people who are already be involved in the RuSA near you.  

   There are several ways that Americans volunteer for slavery.  There are many names for it.  It's still slavery.

        1 – Marriage License – this is a business license where parents agree to be care takers to the fruit of the union. 

        2 – Birth Certificate – the mom is described as the informer…  This is deemed the ' title to the child. '  It's monetized… 

        3 – Bank Account – by contract people agree to terms with the IRS

        4 -Driver's License – people get to submit to the jurisdiction of the DeFacto UNITED STATES of AMERICA and more… 

        5 – Voter Registration – Americans agree to be subjects or inventory of the DeFacto USA again… 

        There are several more adhesion agreements that place people as the property of or subject to the DeFacto USA.

   The Declaration of Independence in 1776 is a Trust 

   The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo dealt with at least 6 of the western states.  The BLM stepped in and took over most of the land in the west. 

   Carefully, quietly these DeFacto corporations have been conquerring Aemrica.  These are Foreign Corporations… 

   The UNITED STATES of AMERICA was initially granted a jurisdiction within 10 square miles that we call the District of Columbia.  DC is like a foreign country with rules of it's own. 

   The 14th amendment created a Subject Class Citizen of the USA. 

   Secret Adhesion Contracts were created in order to trick people in to volunteering themselves as inventory to the USA. 

   Too many Americans have come to trust the DeFacto USA rather than trusting in God. 

   A corporation can not sue a living man or woman on the land.  A pretend man had to be created; " the strawman " 

   By a special courier, Notice is being given to the world that " the Republic, " is back.   We are now waiting for the confirmation that these packages have been received.  About 21 copies of RuSA docs have bee sent out to the world… 

   A few weeks ago the National DeJure Grand Jury came together in Atlanta to review the evidence and to hand down indictments for crimes against humanity.  Soon we may see arrest warrants handed out to members of Congress and others.  Grand Jury details are always kept quiet. 

   Republic Tim Turner will be leaving soon to meet with leaders of over 60 countries.  Some compacts already exist between a few countries and " the Republic. " 

   Recently Republic President Tim Turner and VP CW and the House Speaker met with officials of the CIA in California. 

   Yeah, " the Republic, " has the support of America's Military. 

   Executive Orders can only be annunced by a President while we are under Martial Law.  America has been under Martial Law since the days of Abe Lincoln. 

   What will you give for freedom? 

Be Free,  Robert Hender,   R J


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2 Responses to “Top 5 Acts of Slaves – RuSA Saving America – Kelby interview”

  1. Patrick says:

    WHAT a load of CRAP!!!

    The ALLEGED “history” that the SO-CALLED “Republic for the united States of America” promotes is a complete FICTION & is based on REDEMPTION BS that Tim Turner has been pushing for years.

    • RJ says:

      We are all entitled to our own opinions.

      Many of us are receiving answers to our prayers, regarding ” this Republic. ”

      People have a right to assemble. Most pundits these days continue to spew the lies of ” our Democracy. ” You can have your Democracy, if you like. I will live for and work for ” the Republic, ” indeed taking the hand of Benjamin Franklin and spending my life Standing For my rights and the rights of my children and yours.

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